Top 5 Famous Ukrainian Brands

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In Ukraine the largest number of brands in the rating represents food products, retail, beer and non-alcoholic and alcoholic sectors, as well as confectionery. The value of the top 100 most expensive brands of Ukraine totals $5.4 billion, according to a study conducted by the Novoye Vremia publication jointly with MMP Consulting. According to the study, the top three most expensive brands are Morshinska estimated at $507 million, Sandora ($312 million) and Roshen ($274 million). The valuation methodology is based on the financial results of the companies owning the brands, as well as the factors that may affect the brand value: geographical coverage of sales, technological component, manufactured products and investment attractiveness of the industry.


Natural mineral water Morshynska comes from ecologically clean part of the Carpathian region. Morshyn valley, located on the Eastern slope of the Carpathian ridge and surrounded by forests, it belongs to the territories of the Carpathian reserve. Not a single large enterprise that could cause a negative enviromental affect was ever build there. There isn’t even a gas station in Morshyn, so you should take cake of it an advance.

The transformation from the small village in the Lviv region to a resort area is closely connected with the name of the merchant Boniface Stiller, who bought Morshyn in 1876. Together with his friends – doctor Dzickosvky and Pyasetsky, they turned this place into balneological resort. The company we know today was founded in 1995 with its brand value about 500 million dollars.


The company was founded in 1995 and it currently holds 50 percent share of Ukrainian juice market. The idea belongs to the Professor of Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute, Sergey Sipko. Lithuanian businessmen Raimond Tumenaz and Igor Bezzub helped to realise it. The first juice pack was released in March 1996 and in 2006  the limited liabity company “Sandora” had 45% of all juice market in Ukraine. Therefore, it’s not surprising that in 2007 PepsiCo announced they signed a purchase contract – 100% os shares for 678,7 million dollars. Nowadays almost 20% of company’s production go for export to more than 20 countiries.


The leading confectionery company in Ukraine established in 1996 by the incumbent President of Ukraine – Petro Poroshenko. The Corporation includes 6 confectionery factories, located on the territory of Ukraine. By 2000s the corporation was formed by 4 factories: in Kiev, Mariupol, Vinnitsya and Kremenchug. Later in 2000 the decision was made to create a strong national brand. The process was entrusted to the “Marketing Bureau Technologies”. The foreign sounding of Ukrainian brand was connected with desire to create international confectionery  brand with purpose of further expansion to foreign markets. Active advertising support of Roshen began in 2002.

Today Roshen produces more than 200 types of sweets, chocolates, caramel, cookies,waffles, marmalade and cakes. The corporation works with 60 distributors in Ukraine and 120 – in CIS countries. The products are very popular in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Canada and Israel.


It’ s one of the Ukrainian brands that are well-known almost in all countries. The history starts in the small town of Nemirov in Vinnitskaya Oblast, the residence of 6 Ukrainian hetmans. It was also a center of alcoholic beverages production. The first written mention dates 1752. In those times people already knew it was the best vodka ever and used to call it “pop-vodka”. In the middle of XIX century a new noble family owned Nemirov. It was count Boleslaw Potocki  – representative of an ancient aristocratic family. His daughter married count Grigory Stroganov, and as a dowry she got lands of Nemirov. A young family established the biggest distillery of that times. Potocki’s grandaughter continued family business by taking it to the brand new level, almost to that we know it today. Even the riveted barrels for alcohol storage that was used 100 years ago are still being used now.

  • 1994 – first export + first logotype,
  • 1998 – the new vodka recipe was introduced “Nemiroff Original”,
  • 2002 – the brand became the only one among domestic brands that took 33 place in the World Millionaires Club in the UK,
  • 2006 – Nemiroff is known in 55 countries and becomes a leader of all alcoholic brands of the world.

Nova Poshta

“When I first visited Stanford, I attented a lecture about Culture in Silicon Valley. What I rememberd most was the story about time: you can come to a planned meeting 30 minutes earlier. It’s okay, you’ll be given a seat, table, where you take a sip of coffee, work with your lap top. But if you come late (and it’s not a big deal here in San Francisco, the traffic is very heavy), everyone will treat it like wasting of other people’s money”

Viacheslav Klimov, cofounder of Nova Poshta. The company was founded in 2001.  Brand value is approxiamately 220 million dollars.

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