Kiev Tour To Mezhyhirya – The Most Popular Destination In Kiev Where Viktor Yanukovych Used To Live

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How about a tour to Mezhyhirya – well maintained parkland with decorative lakes  and fountains, fresh air, laced bridges. You will be impressed by the ostentatious luxury of the residence of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Why visit Mezhyhirya residence?

Our tourists, who have already experienced Kiev tour to Mezhyhirya, unanimously repeat: “We want to come back here. Mezhyhirya shall be the National Park of Ukraine!” This area has great historical past. This area was named after preserved valley you will visit. We will tell you why the Cossacks called Mezhyhirskiy Monastery as “Zaporizhzhya Lavra” and will explain the role of the last Ukrainian ataman in the life of the shrine. We are ready to continue this list of interesting and exciting stories. Our task is to restore love of the people of Kiev to Mezhyhirya as it was before Yanukovich.

The main building in the residence is the so-called club house (also called the Honka object – after the name of the Finnish company producing wooden houses made of non-polluting wood). Approaching to Honka you will see the imitation of the ruins of the Parthenon (a temple in Greece).

At rough estimates, the price of Honka construction was 10 million dollars. Viktor Yanukovych claimed that in Mezhyhirya he “owns only a house and a plot of about a hectare”. Now all 140 hectares are returned to the state.

The area of almost 140 hectares has:

  • several buildings,
  • cascade of artificial lakes,
  • grotto,
  • antique corner,
  • bunker,
  • helipad,
  • farm and zoo,
  • greenhouses,
  • horse club,
  • golf courses,
  • yacht pier,
  • tennis courts,
  • saunas,
  • swimming pools,
  • lots of garden houses and sculptures.

Everything is adjusted for the comfort of the territory hosts. For example, salt cave, gas station and … gynecological office.

Well-developed infrastructure of the residence testifies that the complex was built as a separate city. There are perfect roads with road signs and barriers, chic well-groomed landscaped park and apple-pie order. At this, on the next street of the New Petrovtsy village the roads are broken, and in some places there is no asphalt at all.

There is also a garage in the territory: it includes museum of retro cars, among them you will see American Studebaker and Dodge from the Second World War, Ukrainian LuAZ, Chaika, etc. All in perfect condition and in working order. According to the representatives of self-defense, the cars are all set: with full tank of gasoline and keys in the ignition lock in each car. However, the owner took the new cars of business class (for example, rare Horch 855 of the 1930s) with him. There are only three such cars in the world, and each is worth two million dollars.


The next point of our excursion is Galleon parlor made of mahogany. The floor inside the ship is made of semiprecious stones, and only for the wood for the interior decoration of the ship, the owner paid 31.4 million UAH. According to documents found in the residence, the price of the curtains on this ship is 300 thousand EUR.

Under a glass dome, not far from the entrance to the residence, one also finds the underground squared ring. Locals say this is where training sessions and ultimate fighting between ex-president’s guards took place.

From the outside, Honka where Viktor Yanukovich lived with Lyubov Polezhai and her daughter is relatively modest, but inside it is a model of merchant’s insatiable craving for luxury. Every detail, every accessory of the interior costs crazy sums of money by any standard: for example, the price of door handle was 43 thousand dollars, the chandelier – 350 thousand USD, etc. Just imagine: the former owner has paid 1.695.744 EUR for woodworks for the dining room and tearoom!


The zoo in Mezhyhirya is a separate matter. It’s realm of nature full of ostriches of several breeds, grunting ducks, white and colored peacocks, quails, exotic pheasants, swans with long necks and small heads, falcons, golden eagles, as well as goats, mouflons, roe deer, etc .

Staff of this zoo say that Viktor Yanukovych has never visited pavilions with these animals and birds. But he supposedly loved dogs and often came to see them. He had a collection of dogs, which can envy the kings and connoisseurs around the world – he had 32 dogs of different breeds, all champions and winners of competitions.

Thus, you can have a great weekend in nature. You will walk in the shade of branchy trees, feed the trout, admire the flower parterres, cascades of waterfalls, exotic arboretum, and walk along the embankment. You can also visit the museum of retro cars (entry fee 50 UAH).

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