Top 5 Places To Eat Tasty Belarusian Dishes In Minsk

If you ever do visit it, this is where you go first

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Each year more and more people visit Belarus and their capital Minsk. The country being more open since the USSR collapse and with modern technology such as internet, a good word spreads fast. This is why good words about Belarusians and their restaurants came our way thanks to who looked through all the restaurant reviews and made up a list of top places to taste draniki, soups, beer and other delicious national foods.

1. Kuhmistr restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants in Litvinsky they say, and they offer best Belarusian cuisine in Minsk: Visitors will be surprised not only the tasty cuisine but also the bright, unusual interior. Prices are above average (soups – from 7 rubles, salads and snacks -. 9 rub, hot dishes -. 15 rubles.), but you will be greeted with liqueurs and halyavki (this small sandwiches with bacon and cucumber) and on Thursday or Saturday – even with live music.

On tripadvisor they mostly praise beef and even friedge (two types of beetroot soup, two kinds of hash and cold soup of sorrel). Tinctures and kvass there are homemade. Other noteworthy dishes: soup tertyuha, Tartar sorcerers lamb, cheesecake, Vereshchak, vantrabyanku, Ruzhansky medallions of beef with porcini mushroom sauce, zavivanets.

2. Kamyanitsa restaurant

This restaurant has already become a cult place – it is not easy to find a Minsk dweller that never visited this place. If you are one of those unique persons, be sure to pay a visit: The restaurant serves many delicious grilled dishes (grill menu is available between 17:00). Prices are not big: a pound of grilled meat and mushrooms will cost you 15 rubles. All hefty servings, so order carefully. Tinctures, juice and kvass are made there on the site.

It may seem a bit gloomy inside, but there is a fireplace, and in the evenings guests are entertained by artists in medieval costumes: they sing and dance.

3. Aginski restaurant

This is again made by one of the creators of the project “Kamyanіtsy” – Beautiful kitchen, tasty pancakes from under the knife. They are specialized in pancakes dishes, up to 1 kg for the whole company is worth 18 rubles. – very reasonable prices currently. All soups cost 6 rubles while the most unusual dishes here is also the most popular salad “Agіnskі” with spicy chicken in raspberry sauce, or pork with cognac sauce, and delicious desserts “Athens of the North”.

The lunch menu is updated every day. In the menu, a lot of hot drinks – mulled wine, grog, toddy, ginger tea or cranberry. On Sunday it is a family day and 20% discount on the menu.

4. SVOI restaurant

“SVOI” is a place where you can safely order a glass of kefir or milk. Interior is very quiet, versatile with Belorussian national elements. The menu is not only national, but there are four types of pancakes (from 5.50 to 9.50 rubles). Portions are not huge, but adequate and will fill your tummy. The hosts praise Jour, the ribs in ginger-honey caramel, pancakes with wild mushrooms, duck with fried cabbage and cracklings. Here you can also get herbal teas which are served with jam and whipped kefir and wild berries.

Tuesdays are sweet declared: dessert and coffee are available for 5 rubles, or beetroot chocolate cake and apple with caramel. If you come to lunch twice, the third time it is promised to get lunch for free (do not forget to ask for the guest card).

5. Talaka restaurant

Small located in the basement, but comfortable, this is how they describe Talaka restaurant. There wi-fi there, but the food is the main thing: the menu is based on the book “History of Belarusian cuisine.” The most popular dish is “Podtravka mushroom bread”. While you wait, you can munch bagels, which are always served on the table and when you leave you will be offered to treat yourself with a shot of moonshine.

Menu offers various options of fish (trout, carp, perch, pike), a large variety of meat (rabbit, turkey, duck, elk – with him cook the soup, there is even a deer), Machanka can be tried with pancakes and for the set of pea soup, potato pancakes with mushrooms and fruit drinks you will pay only 18 rubles.

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