Top Eastern Euro Culture Festivals And Fairs To Visit This Year: 2019 Edition

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With many music and culture annual festivals being cancelled in Slavic countries (such as the grand beer festival in the Czech Republic), Slav and non-Slav tourists are starting to wonder which fairs are worth attending when the opportunity for visiting the good ones is taken away.

But summer music festivals and sports or showroom fairs aren’t the only options. Here are some of the top Slavic culture festivals for 2019.

Cherry Festival – Belarus

If you’re a fan of cherries and fun street fairs, Belarus is the destination for you in 2019. Its “cherry capital”, Glubokoe, runs over the course of 5 days in July, which offer lots of cherry tasting, festive ethno parades and some entertaining contests, such as the one for Miss Extreme World.

When and where: July 17-21, Glubokoe, Belarus

Rose Festival – Bulgaria

One of the things Bulgarian lands are famous for is their sweet, fragrant rose. The town of Kazanlak, one of the few areas that specialize in the mass cultivation and production of Bulgarian rose-based products, such as oils, will host its annual Rose Festival in May and June, where carnivals, marches, workshops, contests, a rose museum and tons of other attractions await.

When and where: 17 May – 9 June, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Horse Stunt Festival – Ukraine

Professional and hobbyist horse riders, as well as general horse lovers will be glad to know that the Kiev municipality is one of the few Slavic territories that host various equestrian shows. One of them, the Horse Stunt Festival Centaurs, puts together the best show with horse stunts, with a plethora of other tricks – craft workshops, coin minting, flash mobs, a zip line and so forth.

When and where: 20-21 April, Kopachiv, Ukraine

Chocolate Festival – Slovenia

Unless you’re one of those 0.0001% of the planet’s population that don’t like chocolate in any of its forms, you’d be pleasantly surprised to learn that Slovenia hosts one of the biggest chocolate fairs on Slavic grounds. The “festival čokolade” is held in Radovlicja each April and it’s a great opportunity to spoil your diet while indulging in some deliciousness.

When and where: 12-14 April, Radovlicja, Slovenia

Bee Fest – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beekeeping isn’t for everyone, but that’s not what the Bee Fest in Sarajevo is all about. Attendants will not only learn interesting facts about this dangerous profession, but will also get to sample freebies and find out more valuable facts about the health benefits of honey and similar medicinal herbs. It’s not a fest for everyone, but it’s definitely a nice break from stereotypical fall festivities.

When and where: TBA-September, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Warsaw Film Festival – Poland

It’s no Cannes, but the Warsaw Film Festival is still worth your time. During the 35th edition of this mega event will gather actors, producers, composers, directors and tons of film buffs from all over, who will get the chance to witness screenings in all genres, award ceremonies, workshops and latest trends in world cinema.

When and where: 11-20 October, Warsaw, Poland

Stars Of The White Nights – Russia

The world acclaimed Bolshoi ballet isn’t the only troupe worth seeing in Russia. In fact, the Mariinsky Theather in St. Petersburg hosts an annual arts festival called Stars Of The White Nights where local and foreign ballet, opera, theater and music acts are hosted between May and July. Romantic and classy, this festival does sell out pretty quickly, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on attending.

When and where: 22 May – 21 July, St. Petersburg, Russia

East European Comic Con – Romania

A lot can be said about comic cons – Hollywood stars, fun cosplays, photoshoots and signings, spoilers, board games… the list goes on and on. One of the biggest pop culture and comic con events held in 2019 on the Balkans in 2019 will be the East European Comic Con in the spring and later in the fall, with stars from Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and more.

When and where: 24-26 May, Bucharest; 18-20 October, Transylvania-TBA, Romania

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