Top Pubs In Prague – Places Where You Need To Enjoy Some Czech Beer

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After choosing the best hotel to stay in Prague, you definitely have to choose the best place to enjoy the best beer ever! It’s not a secret that Czech beer is on top. Thousands of people come to this medieval city to enjoy its unique architecture and the tastiest beer they’ve ever tried. Prague’s pubs are the same integral part of its tourism, just as Gothic architecture, Charles Bridge and observation decks of Prague’s hills.

The guide to Prague’s pubs and restaurants presents its iconic touristic places with own breweries, historical and just soulful cafes, where you can have the great time of your life with glass of beer in one hand. So if you plan to visit Prague, try to spend your time in one of these places:

U Fleků

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One of the oldest Prague’s breweries, founded in XV century. It’s a fact that the process of brewing a foam drink haven’t stopped here since 1499 despite any global crises and disasters. Its present name was given in 1762, when it was bought by Jakub Flakowski. At that very year the legendary “Flekovská třináctka” dark beer appeared. The recipe is held in secret till nowadays. You can rest in one of the 8 halls or open veranda in summer, as well as visit a small museum dedicated, of course, to beer. Guests are placed on wooden benches at long tables, so it is unlikely to find an intimate corner here. But in the place like this, it’s even better to feel a part of a big company. Live national music stimulates your mood. Though a lot of people criticize this place saying it has become too “turistic”, but it still continues to be legendary. The pub located in very heart of Prague: Kemencova, 1651/11.

Pivovarský dům


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This pub is not that ancient and doesn’t count centuries. It was opened in 1998, but have become a quiet fashionable place, which attracts tourists as well as locals thanks to its wide range of beer. The menu is full of exotic offers and names. Here you can try beer with the tastes of champagne, cherry, banana and many other flavors. For those who cannot choose between all these sorts and kinds, there is a “carousel” – beer platter which includes 8 small glasses (0,1 litre) of different kind.

Prague Beer Museum


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The name speaks for itself – tourists come here not only to drink beer, but also to take a small tour to the past, to get to know the history of brewing in Czech Republic. However, you can see barflies all the time, and it’s not surprising: one can try the record number of the sorts of beer here. Moreover, the range is updated every week. For those who is not able to make a quick and right choice there’s a set of several kinds. It’s located near the Charles Bridge: Smetanovo nábř 205/22.


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It’s not even a pub, more like a restaurant with traditional Czech dishes. Here you can try the legendary roasted pork knee (Pečené vepřové koleno), beer soup, fried ribs etc. There’s a wide range of Velkopopovický Kozel beer in the menu, that is brewed right here. The prices are pretty low which may be the reason of its remoteness of the city centre. Welcome: Lidická 796/20 (Prague-5).

U Kozla


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U Kozla is a beer restaurant, located far from the centre and is not associated with any touristic kind of attractions. It gained popularity among locals rather than tourists. One can enjoy traditional food here (Pečené vepřové koleno, for exapmle) and typical European snacks. The portions are large, so before making an order, think whether you’ll eat it or not. Beer menu is not too varied, here you’ll find 4 sorts of Velkopopovický Kozel and Plzeňský Prazdroj. But barflies assure that it always fresh and of a good quality. The prices are quite democratic, that is again, caused by the remoteness from the centre. Visit: Jana Želivského, 4.

Zlý Časy

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The interior of this pub is rather unusual. Everything is decorated with bottles – the effect is atmospheric and authentic. The name is translated as “hard times” and was given by its visitors who gathered here to talk about their tough lives. Here one can enjoy rare bottled beer, but won’t find a varied food menu. Address:  Čestmírova 5.

U Medvídků

프라하500년된맥주집🌸족발. 맛이쪄여. 맥주도. 깜놀

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This brewery is one more example of Prague’s touristic brand. The history began in XV century, when this very name was already given, in honor of its first owner Jan Medvidku. Nowadays the brewery is famous for the strongest beer in the world – XBEER-33, which is brewed only in this place. Not everybody will like it, but it worth trying in any case. It’s located in the centre of Prague -1, Na Perštýně 7, 100 01.


Привезли ребёнку пиво😂🍺😜

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This restaurant is located in the heart of the city, right on the Václavské náměstí, Václavské nám, 802/56. Tables are connected by the railway with small trains delivering ordered beer. So it’s not a surprise that people love this place so much and very soon it turned into a tourist attraction. Besides, there’s a mini club here, where you can leave your baby to have fun for a few hours. This what makes this pub a real family place.

Klášterní Pivovar Strahov


Одна из старейших пивоварен. Находится в монастыре на высокой горе! Угадайте, что мы сейчас делаем?😜

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The first mention of this place dates back to XIII century. The restaurant and brewery are located on the territory of Strahovský klášter (Strahov monastery). For today, several rare sorts of Saint Norbert beer are brewed here, including amber and semi-dark. The food is excellent here and the portions are really big. There’s even a unique cheese called hermelín, which you can try only here. Enjoy your stay: Strahovské nádvoří 301/10.

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