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Are you staying in the Czech Republic and doesn’t know what to visit? Lets travel around famous monuments which belong to UNESCO World Heritage. Even Czech is relatively small country still has 12 UNESCO monuments. Lets meet all of them. One of them is in Brno, city of Moravia region. Brno is second biggest city of the Czech Republic. Favorite city of students because here is located Masaryk University. Right here is one of these famous monuments called ,,Villa Tugendhat”. Probably everybody is waiting some traditional historical monument, but even that building was built between 1929-1930 it is example of functionalist style. Architect has used steel frame without load-bearing walls. It creates the new and informal concept of an open and variable space that is linked with its natural surroundings.

Second monument is located in Český Krumlov. Beautiful town on South. To the World heritage belong historical center. You can see here amazing medieval buildings. This place was listed to UNESCO in 1992. For tourist most visiting is the castle complex where is unique baroque open air theater in the middle of castle park. Lets come here and enjoy that unique atmosphere

If you like spend your time in a peaceful area so you should visit Holašovice. Place where you can see traditional Central European village. Here is possible to see buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries in a style known as „South Bohemian Folk Baroque“. You will feel here as if you came back in time.

Kutná Hora is by car about one an hour from Prague and also here you can visit UNESCO monument. City known thanks to mining of silver with very rich history. City was listed to UNESCO in 1995. Here is especially historical centre which is an architectural jewel of European importance, and the late Gothic Church of St. Barbora and also the Cathedral of Our Lady in Sedlec which was rebuilt in the baroque Gothic style, create a notional entrance gateway to the royal mining city.

Lednice – Valtice area is one of the most romantic chateau. Chateau in baroque and neo – gothic style with beautiful english park is great place for wedding.

Litomyšl, birthplace of Czech famous composer Bedřich Smetana. The dominant of the city is the Italian Renaissance castle with its more than eight thousand examples of sgrafitto, which has been on the UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage listed in 1999. In the area of that beautiful castle is also small house of Bedřich Smetana.

Important city of Moravia region is also Olomouc. Here you can see another nice monument which is Holy Trinity Column. 35 meter – high column was built in the early years of the 18th century.

Prague, the most important Czech city, Prague is the capital city. Here are lot of amazing monuments, interesting places, and also historical center which belong to the World Heritage. Prague is an important urban monument reservation. Since 1992 belong to UNESCO the Prague Castle and Hradčany, Malá Strana, Karlův most, Staré Město, Josefov (the preserved section of the former Jewish Town), Nové Město, Vyšehrad and each of the monuments within these areas


As you see most of monuments are in the Moravia region, so also the city Telči is not exception. It is city on the half-way between Prague and Vienna. Also here is important monument historical center. You can enjoy here a number of the renaissance and baroque townhouses and castle in the renaissance style. Every lover of jews history should visit Třebíč. The city was erenow a centre of Jewish culture in Moravia. When will you come you lets start your tour in the Jewish quarter and the Basilica of St. Prokop, which were inscribed in the UNESCO list in 2003.

Last stop of your UNESCO tour will be in Žďár nad Sázavou which was originally market town. On this place you can enjoy great historical monument in the center of beautiful nature. Here is monument called the Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora. The pilgrimage church, dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk is example of baroque gothic style and was built in the early 1820s. It is the finest work of Jan Blažej Santini architect.

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