Warsaw – the city with hidden beauties

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Have you ever considered visiting the capital of Poland,Warsaw? Just a normal city or maybe something more? The city very often missed by the tourists visiting Poland combines the beauty of the old architecture with the skyrocketed buildings giving an impression of the modern business center. The city nearly totally destroyed after the Second World War had to be reconstructed and nowadays offers so many attractions that even the most picky tourists will find something for themselves. Being a lover of architecture or history you can immerse yourself strolling through the tiny streets of the Old Town, falling in love with the beauty of Wilanow Palace or simply visiting one of many museums, such as Museum of Warsaw Uprising or Museum of History of Polish Jews.

What Warsaw hides

For the fans of outstanding scenery combined with the a bit of music the recommendation would be the Lazienki Park.

Palace on the water Warsaw

Its popularity extends to families, peacocks and fans of classical music, who come for the al fresco Chopin concerts on Sunday afternoons at noon and 4pm from mid-May through September.

Invisible Exhibition

One of the places which stole my heart and made me look at the world from a different perspective is not very often well known to the tourists and is mainly recommended by the word of mouth. You probably experienced it yourself, you live in a city and very often you do not have time to do a “touristy” stuff as you live there, you will always have time to go to this museum or this art gallery… but for me this time it was different. This attraction I already visited four times and every time I came out from there I had a different experience and my brain full of thoughts. I am talking here about Invisible Exhibition, an interactive exhibition which will allow you to experience the world from the perspective of a blind person.

I do not want to spoil the fun for you nevertheless I want to encourage you to visit this place on your trip to the city. The exhibition is located in the city center of Warsaw, just a few tram stops away from the Central Train station and the Palace of Culture.

The tours can be done in English and you will be fully guided by the person who is exposed to complete or partial blindness. This feeling totally unforgettable of how you learn to recognize the objects without seeing them will never let you look at the issue with the same eyes again. The other concepts which you might encounter during your tour include following the voice or scents. 

At the same time you will have a possibility of asking your tour guide questions about the difficulties they are facing in the every day life, what are the biggest obstacles. Very often you do not realize the problems unless you hear about them and this is exactly what makes this whole initiative, this whole exhibition so remarkable.

The thoughts which might be now crossing your mind:

Interesting? Strange? Alien? Or maybe natural?

I can probably go for hours talking about my own experience visiting this place but nothing will be better than you checking it out yourself.

The Warsaw attractions, polish traditional food (pierogi, bigos, zurek etc) all of them are waiting for you to get explored, so do not waste your time and already NOW start planning your trip to this marvelous city which has so much to offer!

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