What is exactly hardbass?

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What you will see in this article is actually the very beginning of hardbass culture. Hardbass is essentially sub genre of electronic music, which of course originated in Russia, somewhere in 2000’s. It is characterized with fast tempo, strong bass beats (AKA donk bass), with occasional lyrics. Dress code is usually budgety outfit, most commonly Adidas tracksuit.

Holy carriers of hardbass culture are gopniks, which are often seen squatting in groups, drinking and, of course, doing hardbass. Here in next few minutes you will learn everything about the typical gopnik specimen in his natural habitat.

Video that started the HardBass Slavolution: 

As we said, hardbass began to develop in Russia, precisely in St. Petersburg, with pioneers like DJ Snat, Sonic Mine and X Project. After few years, it began to spread via VKontakte, Russians version of Facebook, and by 2010, various “copycat” artists and videos of hardbass began to sprout all over Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. People were squatting and pump dancing in classrooms, busses, work stations, malls, basically everywhere.

Example of hard-bass dancing:

Later on, people started doing this pump dancing thing at famous landmarks and places in their home town to show something in your city that you’re proud off,  and to show that you love your city.

In some countries hardbass was used for a slightly different purpose, like a form of public rebellion, such as in Serbia, where people were using it to protest about Kosovo, or Chile, where students used it to protest against the government cutting funds for education.

But, in all fairness, hardbass is a form of (hillarious) dance and we should use it and understand it as a form of socialization and entertainment, while expressing yourself!

Some of the most popular artists nowadays are DJ Blyatman, XS Project, Hard Bass School, YURBANOID, Party Factory etc. Get in your Adidas, grab a bottle of beer and hardbass the night away!

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