Where are Slavs on “Vegetarian Friendliness” Map of Europe?

Yeah, keep smiling it is exactly how you imagined it would be.

JerzyGorecki (CC0), Pixabay

Slavic countries are a real horror place to all Vegetarian tourists from the west when they visit us here. Basically most of the folk dishes are heavily into meet and people worship such culinary as gift from the gods. Just try to tell a average Pole or any Balkan Slav to stop eating that tasty Kielbasa/Kobasa and you may talk to a brick-wall as well, same effect.

The original idea of this map by Jakub Marian was to create a map where you could see the percentage of population following a vegetarian diet. It was impossible for him to create it as he lacked data for such chart, so he just created a map based on the supply part instead, i.e. where is a large amount of vegetarian restaurants, shops etc.

Map is based on the number on entries at HappyCow, the largest directory of vegetarian restaurants in the world, and shows the number of vegetarian restaurants per 1 million inhabitants.

Most Vegetarian friendly Slav destinations:

  • Czechia – 13.7 friendly
  • Slovenia – 9.7 friendly
  • Slovakia – 7.2 friendly
  • Croatia – 5.4 friendly
  • Poland – 5.3 friendly
  • Montenegro – 3.2 friendly
  • Macedonia – 2.9 friendly
  • Bulgaria – 2.3 friendly
  • Serbia – 1.1 friendly
  • Russia – 0.8 friendly
  • Ukraine – 0.6 friendly
  • Belarus – 0.4 friendly
  • BiH – 0.3 friendly

“Vegetarian is a Slavic word for a man who can’t hunt” ~ Modern Slavic proverb

So as expected, except the Czechians (:D) most Slavs are heavy Vegetarian unfriendly destinations. So when you come over you better emerge yourself into the wonderful world of Slav meat with tasty dishes like Ćevapi, Chebureki, Pierogi, thousand types of Kielbasa and other meat delights.

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