Yugoslav Space Program – Houston, We Have a Problem!

Yugoslav space program – Trailer for upcoming documentary about Yugoslavian space program and it’s importance in USA space race. Yugoslavian space program was based on works of, Austro-Hungarian of Slovene ethnicity, rocket engineer Herman Potočnik (pseudonym Hermann Noordung). Too bad but communist marshal Tito sold Yugoslavian space program to Amerikansky, just for some US dollar’s.

The release of a Slovenian documentary, Houston We Have a Problem, alleges a new twist to the the Cold War: American bought a secret Yugoslav space programme to put it in space.

Living standards in Yugoslavia improved considerably, and the socialist country enjoyed rapid economic development with generous American financial aid. The trailer claims the documentary will reveal how tito built the biggest secret underground space centre in Europe, and that in fact some of the American rockets were made in Yugoslavia, and that Tito and his wife were regular visitors at NASA’s facilities. The base is at Zeljava on the Croatian-Bosnian border, also known as Army Base 505. The authors of the documentary are Boštjan i Žiga Virc, and the full story will only be revealed with the full documentary, but the trailer is available below.

Herman Potočnik was a true slavic scientist like Nikola Tesla and Potočnik’s work laid foundation for “space science”. Sadly so few people know that. Instead Wernher von Braun got all that attention.

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