Zadar Sea Organ – Exclusive Music Of The Sea!

IvanVuksa (CC0), Pixabay

We understand if you maybe haven’t been to Zadar, but if you’ve never heard of Zadar Sea Organ, then, my friend, give us the address of that rock you live under… Just kidding, you have us to tell you more! Zadar Sea Organ (Zadarske Morske orgulje) is a unique architectural achievement located on the west coast of the Zadar peninsula. Architect Nikola Bašić is the person behind the project.

Before their placement, there was a plain promenade, but now tourists all around the world are coming to listen unique sound of the sea!


Basically, they look (and essentially are) white stone stairs stretching along the northwest coast of the Zadar peninsula. They  “produce” a sound similar to that of the organ-blowing instrument (hence the name).
The sea organs, simply explained, were created by the construction of a 75 meters long piping system under the stone stairs that gradually descends towards the sea.

What is so different about them is that they do not use hydraulic devices to achieve sound, but the power and thrust of sea waves, and they cause vertical pressure of air that goes to an acoustic tube, generating sound.

But, tunes are not radnom, they rang between G-Dur and C-Dur, which are basically harmonious chords inspired by traditional male vocalists groups of Dalmatia.

So, if you are on the hunt for something truly authentic and original, make sure to visit Zadar Sea Organ! And make sure to let us know do you like the sounds, because some people find them peaceful, there are some who are afraid by the ‘scary sounds like sirens trying to lure you into the sea’!

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