10 Locations In Bosnia That Will Make You Crazy About It

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Bosnia & Herzegovina – We know many of you plan to visit Balkan countries sooner or later, so why not make it sooner? Today you can see some must see places in Bosnia and Herzegovina that will make you enjoy your visit to the fullest. We helped you out and focused on 10 locations in BiH that will rock your world. This southern Slavic group is unique among all Slavic groups, why you ask? Because during medieval times Bosnia was invaded and conquered by Ottoman empire and country survived forced Islamization in order to preserve the lives of their countrymen.

Today this is the reason why Bosnia as such is a land of Slavs of Islamic faith and something like that you won’t find anywhere else, that blend of Slavic culture and genetics with Islamic cultural and religious influence. So it’s time that you stop reading this and start looking:

1. Sarajevo, Capital of BiH

Photo © 2010 eDamak

2. Kušlat mosque, Zvornik

Photo ©

3. Dervish monastery, Blagaj

Photo © Lyndsey Balog Photography

4. Bosnian medieval tombstones.

Photo © Wikimedia CC

5. Sutjeska National Park

Photo © unkown

6. Old Bridge, Mostar

Photo © Munever Salihović

7. Museum of Modern Art – Sarajevo

Photo ©

8. Salt Lake Panonica in Tuzla

Photo © dzmkuu / photobucket

9. Kravice Waterfalls

Photo ©

10. Lukomir Village

Photo © NH53 / Flickr CC

Which location is your favorite from these?

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