10 Locations in Serbia That Will Make You Crazy About It

www_slon_pics (CC0), Pixabay

For people that love traveling, we have another Slavic country that has some pretty things to show you, it is Serbia. One of the Balkan Slavic countries that also has a share of beautiful both natural and man-made sights to see and admire. Serbia is a land-locked country which means it has no sea, but it does have beautiful mountains like the Balkan mountain range and wonderful rives as Danube.

To make things better this river passes thought the Serbian capital city, Belgrade which in turn makes a great and romantic river-side city. You can find great accommodation in Belgrade. Enjoy the tour:

1. Belgrade

2. Golubac Fortress

3. Kopaonik

4. National Public Library

5. Moravica Gorge

6. Ruzica Church

7. Belgrade’s Sava River

8. Sićevo Gorge

9. Bubanj Memorial Park

10. Surdulica

Which location do you like the most?

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