5 Slavic brands of beer you should try

If you don’t know any of these beers, you are not a beer fan!

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Drinking beer is a national sport in many European countries. Although Slavs also love drinking beer, we are not the leaders in producing or consuming this drink. Slavs consume less beer than people from Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, German, Austria. However, we still offer many types of beer and cultivate strong traditions of drinking this delicious golden liquid. Below we present a list of beers we believe you should know:

Czech Republic – Pilsner Urquell: The Original Golden Lager

Pilsner Urquell was funded in 1848 and stays the most famous beer created in the Czech Republic. Pilsner Urquell is usually packaged in kegs and dispensed under carbon dioxide pressure but small quantities are available unpasteurized, unfiltered and naturally conditioned in cask.It is available in 330 ml, 355 ml and 500 ml aluminum cans and green or brown bottles. The most famous beer Pilsner is the world’s first golden lager, unlike anything most beer drinkers at the time had ever seen. Its taste is a classic of beers. If you are in the Czech Republic you must give it a try!

Ukraine – Lvivske

Legendary beer from the East. Lvivske is Ukrainian famous monastic produced since 1715. Currently, it belongs to the Carlsberg group. Lvivske produces beer under six brand names for domestic and foreign markets. This beer is appreciated not only due to its long-lasting history but also to its unique taste. Lvivske was a sponsor of Eurovision in Kiev.

Croatia – Zmajska Pivovara RIS Barrel Aged

Zmajska Pivovara is a company that conquered the markets around the world. During the last few years, it received unexpected appreciation. According to several notable ranks, beers produced by Zmajska Pivovara are one of the best on Earth. One of its most important products is Zmajska Pivovara RIS Barrel Aged. As the producer describes: „As big as Russia, as lavish as a palace, as complex as court intrigues and as mighty as a Tzar, the Russian Imperial Stout beer style originated as a love statement to Empress Catherine the Great. Seduced by that very style, we brewed this beer with a hefty amount of alcohol and rich chocolate and coffee aromas of dark malts. To enhance the overall impression, this special release was aged in whiskey barrels for over six months.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Gorštak Blonde Ale

Bosnia and Herzegovina has huge traditions in selling the beer in special bars dedicated to the specific brands of beer. In the case of Gorštak Blonde Ale, the beer is available internationally and it received one of the highest marks on website According to one of the reviews: „Pale Belgian-style beer. Three different malts and oats dominate the flavor of this ale giving it honey and biscuit notes. Mild bitterness and subtle floral aromas come from Czech noble hop variety “Saaz”. Thanks to its unobtrusive yet recognizable character this beer can be consumed throughout the year in all occasions and paired with all kinds of food”.

Poland – Książęce Czerwony Lager

Polish love beer more than other alcohols. The number of brands is huge. One of the favorite beers of Polish is Tyskie. It became so popular that it became the sponsor of Polish National Team in football. If you are looking for something more sublime, you should try Książęce Czerwony Lager, which is a beer with a seasoned and distinctive taste boasting a hoppy nose. It owes its red-and-amber color to a special production process that uses Pilsen and caramel barley malts. The beer’s rich, hoppy bouquet and smooth, malty taste makes it ideal for beginner and sophisticated beer lovers alike. We would like to know if you have your favorite beer. Share your recommendations in comments!

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