5 Slovak lakes that will make you forget about the sea this year

Slovak lakes are just as good for some summer fun as sea

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No sea – no fun? Think again! Although you probably wouldn’t come to Slovakia just because of lazying on the beach, do not underestimate this country´s manifoldness and pack those swimming suits right away! Here´s your list of best Slovak natural swimming spots that will make you stop regretting you didn’t make it to Adriatic this year…

Then again you are not Slovak but a tourists, you will be gland there are even swimming adventures in Slovakia that you can take, besides hiking:

Liptovská Mara

If you find yourself on the route from western parts of Slovakia to High Tatras, you will surely not miss it. Spanning on the vast area of 22 square kilometers, Liptovská Mara is the largest water basin in the country. However, this is not a “miracle of nature”, but a man-made dam constructed to avoid annual flooding of river Váh. If you want to have chills running back your spine while watching the romantic sun set above its waters, just imagine that 13 villages were evacuated and flooded in the process! Liptovská Mara has always much to offer – stunning views of mountains, nice pebble beach with various eateries and stands, relaxed boat trips and adrenaline sporting opportunities for those who like to spend their time actively.

Senecké Lakes

…also known as Slnečné („Sunny“) Lakes is beautiful recreational area just few kilometers from the bustling capital city Bratislava. No wonder that it is probably the most visited swimming spot in the whole country! Thought looking very natural, this is actually another man-made basin – the gravel from its bottom served during the nearby railroad construction in 19th century. Today this place offers many cultural events, bars, beaches and never-ending list of sporting activities. You can rent some of many cozy chalets in the resort or treat yourself with a room in some of local hotels. There are also many wellness facilities and even a first-class water-amusement park nearby!

Zelená Voda

Zelená voda means Green water in Slovak language – but don´t worry, the water in this lake near Nové Mesto nad Váhom is actually nice and blue, very clean and quire inviting when the temperature rises! This is one of the most popular domestic holiday destinations for nature lovers as there are pretty camping, caravan and mobile home spots all around. If you come in the right time, you can even catch a nice jazz or electronic music events here. Zelená Voda is also located close to various beautiful ruins of medieval castles – why not hike to Beckov, Čachtice or Tematín castles..?

Zemplínska Šírava

Is sailing your thing? Or would you rather fancy fishing with your friends? Head straight to the shores of Zemplínska Šírava – second largest dam in Slovakia located near the largest city in the eastern part of Slovakia – Košice. You can choose from seven different recreational resorts around this beautiful tranquil lake. They all offer perfect services including boat rental and neat accommodation. Though weather in Slovakia tends to be quite unpredictable (even during the hottest months of July and August), your chances for sunny skies are reasonably high here as Šírava belongs to warmest places in the country with adorable 2200 sunny hours per year on average! Beaches are grassy and pebbly here…oh, and did we mention the brand new water-park in Kaluža that´s open year-round?

Zlaté Piesky

Though name of this lake promises „golden sands“, don´t expect no Copacabana. The water is fine and usually even quite warm in here, there´s a large toboggan and a natural Island in the middle of the lake. But the main reason to visit Zlaté Piesky lies on its shores – this lake located directly in Bratislava has always something cool going on! There is excellent wakeboard area for sporty people. And also great reggae, hip-hop or electronic music raves and festivals for party people. Bring your tent or caravan and you can spend the whole summer catching one wild party after another! But the lake wasn´t always „all-fun“ – in 1976 flight ČSA 001 from Prague to Bratislava failed to make it to the nearby airport and fell straight into the lake. Only three persons from the total of 79 survived this crash making it the worst flight disaster in Slovak history.

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