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Places you just don’t want to miss

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Ukraine is so close to the rest of the European countries yet it is so far and unexplored by tourists. It is still the biggest country in Europe and there are lots of places worth visiting and seeing. Ukraine has seas, mountains, cities with unique architecture, history, nature and many other things where every tourist will find something for themselves.

In this article you will find a list of the 10 places worth visiting most of all in the whole territory of Ukraine:

Lviv’s main square Rynok.

Lviv is a city in the Western part of Ukraine which has been part of Poland for most of its history and it only became a part of Ukraine in 1939. That’s why now you can enjoy the proper Polish architecture mixed with a USSR style. Unlike in Poland, Lviv hasn’t been renovated or changed too much, there is still a tram line going through the main square of the city and every building is completely different from the rest of the buildings in the center. This place is definitely worth visiting for people who enjoy history, architecture and national cuisine.

The fountain in Vinnytsia

Vinnytsia is a rather small authentic town in Central Ukraine. It is not very famous with tourists and it is a very rare occasion to see a foreigner there. But this is what makes this place even more interesting! The main sight which people come to see in Vinnytsia is the light and music fountain.

This fountain was built on the waterfront close to the downtown in 2011 and was named after the famous chocolate factory which belongs to the President of Ukraine “Roshen”. According to the official data this is the largest light and music fountain in Europe.

Khortytsia Island

Khortytsia is the largest island on the main river of Ukraine called the Dnipro. But it is not just the size that this island is famous for. In the 16th century the famous Zaporizhian Sich was created here and the island was inhabited by the Zaporizhian Cossacks for nearly two centuries. The Cossacks are the warriors of the authentic Ukrainian army which became very powerful and fought in many historical battles defending the dignity of Ukraine.

At the moment you can visit the museum on the island which will tell you more about the times when this island was the centre of the war life in Ukraine, see the places where a lot of historical movies were filmed and enjoy the views of the river, the cliffs surrounding the island, watch the numerous birds and animals.

Flora and fauna were presumed on Phortytsia since it has has the status of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve for a long time and in 2007 it won the title of one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. 

Uman and Sofijivka Arboretum

Sofijivka Arboretum in Uman is one of the best places to visit in Ukraine for nature-lovers. It is a big park full of fountains, waterfalls, lakes, forests, bridges, birds and animals. The park is very peaceful especially on weekdays. On the weekend, especially during the summer or school holidays you can see many tourists here. But thanks to the big territory of the park everybody can find their solitude and unite with nature here.

Choose carefully the time and season to visit this park. It is not only the crowds of tourists that may spoil your experience, too hot or too cold weather might not be pleasant. The best times for visiting are probably spring when the nature is just waking up from winter or autumn when the trees are covered in leaves of different colours.

Mezyhirya and the museum of corruption

This is one of the newest sights available for tourists coming to Ukraine. Mezyhirya is a settlement where the famous house of the Ukrainian ex-president Victor Janukovich is situated. After the revolution happened in Ukraine in late 2013 and Janukovich fled to Russia in early 2014 his house became the place of interest due to the numerous golden and ancient decorations, rich materials, the car collection and the zoo. The territory is so huge that you will need to take a bike to see it all or rent a driver with an electric car.

The second name of this house is the museum of corruption as it represents the level of corruption which exists in Ukraine on a political level.

Mezyhirya is not only one of the most interesting and unique sights of Ukraine, another advantage of this place is its location. It is very easy to get there from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. You can get there by the local bus, by a tour bus or by taxi. The road will take you about 20 minutes.

Tunnel of Love in Klevan

The tunnel of love is a natural wonder which is situated in a small town called Klevan. During the war time it used to be a strategically important railway so many trees and bushes were planted on both sides of the railway to cover it from the war crafts on the ground and in the air. Nowadays this railway is not used for trains anymore and the trees with bushes have stopped being cut. Continuing to grow they’ve formed the rush of the tunnel made completely of the tree branches and leaves.

The tunnel of love is becoming more and more popular with the local and foreign tourists as every eear you can see it in new books, leaflets and travel magazines. Nobody knows how long is left before this place becomes super touristic and possibly loses its peacefulness. So hurry up to be among the first ones to discover this natural masterpiece.

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