Best Places To Visit In Ukraine

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Ukraine is truly a wonderful place with scenic beauties that can amaze everyone. The people are extremely generous and welcome visitors with utmost warmth. The country is a land wonder and filled with places that is must see for everyone. It is rapidly growing to be the most sought after travel destination for people from across the world. Let us discuss some of the places which is a must see if you are travelling to Ukraine:

  • Carpathian Mountains: This is one of the most sought after places in Ukraine. It is known as the Green Pearl of Ukraine. The scenic beauty has made it one of the most important tourist centers of the country. A beautiful mix of natural meadows, lush green outfields, with evergreen landscapes is what makes it very appealing to the tourists who visit here.Here it is believed that the people and the nature has formed a deep harmony, never to be broken. Thus is absolutely a must see if you happen to visit Ukraine anytime.


  • Kyiv: Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and is known as the science city of the country. It is home to around 3 million people located on the banks of  Dnieper River. Ancient Kievan Rus, was the city which reached to its zenith during the 11th and 12th centuries was the most important center of trade between the Baltic and the Mediterranean. The art and architecture of Kyiv are famous all over the worlds and are elicited as world treasures. Thus Kiev pulls in a lot of visitors from across the world every year, who come in search of its secret treasures of information of the trade.


  • Lviv:  Lviv is a poetic city filled with legends that are new as well as gold. Architectural structures embark beauty to this place which by its grandeur pull in tourists all over the world. The architectural structure’s though centuries old is still intact with all its beauty, nothing has changed. This is a place filled with beauty and not to be missed at any cost.


  • Odesa: Odesa is known as the Pearl of the Black sea and is the 3Rd largest city of Ukraine. It is the most important city for trade in the country. Its warm climate, sunlit beaches attract thousands of tourists all the year around. It is one of the most visited places by tourists in whole of the country. Its shady lanes and beautiful pastel buildings add valor to its beauty.


  • Chernihiv: Chernihiv has been known to have a human settlement of around 2000. The region comprises of very beautiful spots for visiting and also has important historical significance, notable as early as the Kyivan Rus’ period, dating back to records when the oblast’ cities of Chernihiv and Novhorod-Sivers’kiy were very  frequently mentioned in historical scripts. The city of Chernihiv was one of the most important cities, in fact it was second most important city of Ukrainian that existed during the Rus’ period of the country’ history. It has often served as the regional capital of Ukraine during this period. Nevertheless the scenic beauty has remained the same and it is highly visited by tourists from across the world.

Go pack your bags and visit the land wonder-Ukraine.

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