7 Haunting Wonders of the Former USSR and Ghosts it Left Behind

When dreams of bright future become echoes of the past

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USSR – Long time ago this Union cased to exist in our everyday lives, but it’s monstrous monuments still haunt internet explorers to this very day. In fact many of these abandoned gigantic structures still reflect the magnitude and ideology of this union, as a sort of echoes from the past. Soviet architecture was famous for it’s aggrandizement of such objects to show how mighty this Union was, huge size was a common norm for any project made in such times. Exactly this humongous size is the reason why all these object inhabit the Russian lands to this day, there is no easy way to remove them.

Most of these “monuments” stand still and defy the harsh Russian weather, so if you dare please take a look at these giants, because these USSR wonders will probably outlive us too. [h/t:felbert]

1. Mining town Promyshlenny

This infamous miners town is located just 26 km from Vorutka. During the Soviet times more than 10 thousand people lived here to work in local mine, but as socialism ended in 90’s the mine became unprofitable and turned into a abandoned haunting place. Most of the unfortunate locals were forced that way to leave their homes and start in other parts of Russia from scratch.

2. Soviet construction areas

USSR as a gigantic union it was had a lot of projects on it’s mind, but as the collapse came so did all these giant projects too. Just think of huge money and human work wasted in these sites. Literally thousands of unfinished constructions, that are practically ready to use, but never had a chance to peak in their glory.

3. Abandoned bunkers along the Pacific Ocean.

Numerous abandoned bunkers that were built in case of possible invasion by Japan were located near Russian most eastern city Vladivostok. Strong reinforced concrete forts with underground tunnels and whole defense strategy built in it’s core is now just a abandoned ruin. But it’s a fun place to be visited by tourists today tho.

4. Expensive gigantic industrial equipment

Well it was a industrial and military superpower, meaning it had a lot of high-tech (almost unreal) facilities, radars, equipment and so on. You can still find these gigantic antennas that basically cost millions of dollars / euros but today they are mostly defunct and abandoned. Thought that doesn’t mean they can’t be replaced in case of need.

5. Missile complex bases and launchers

Era of nuclear bases is over (or at least we think it is) so many of nuclear bunkers, central rooms and support bases now lie abandoned. They do get invaded thought, by adventure seeking tourists that enjoy seeing these bases that were once top-secret locations.

6. Balaclava submarine base on the Crimean coast

Submarines were one of the main weapons of the Soviet Union, also they were their most advanced military strong point that filled whole of the western world with fear. These facilities were forbidden to visit even by families of local workers, except with special permission from the Soviet government and military. You can enter them today, as a tourist.

7. Gulag camps across Siberia

Once a horror for any political prisoner, today a creepy looking concentration camp in middle of nowhere. These wooden barracks are standing still there and rotting, luckily.

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