Tiny Oak Church Discovered In Serbia

Photo: @PrinceMarko2 / twitter

On the website dedicated to the old European culture, it is written that the church is made in oak, dedicated to St. Panteleimon. Vladicin Han – Facebook and social networks circulated photos where it is assumed that the church was of St. Panteleimon. Specifically, as posted on Twitter, the church was built by Dragoljub Krstic in 1991 in the village of Jovac, near Vladicin Han.

Now we don’t know why the Oak tree was chosen here, due to it’s structure and sturdiness or because Oak was always a meaningful tree in Slavic culture and it’s connection to even pagan Slavic Gods like Perun.

Either way it is interesting sight to see such structure and many visitors get pretty happy when they see something different like this that looks like it’s from a fairytale or a cartoon (Winnie the Pooh tree house).

Tourists or locals that come across this little church share their photos and they go viral over the web!

So now you know, if you ever come close by this is the place to visit for sure!

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