Artist Creates amazing 3D souvenirs of Prague

aitoff (CC0), Pixabay

His name is Nick Forrow and he lives in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic (or modernly called Czechia 🙂 ) Nick really traveled a lot around Europe and he had a chance to visit diverse tourist spots, but where ever he would go only small amount of interesting souvenirs would be noticed. It’s a real problem for tourists if they don’t get at least one collectible souvenirs from the destination they have visited.

Noticing the obvious lack of interesting souvenirs he wanted to create something a bit more special than those plain souvenirs, so he created these 3-D pictures, which are based on medieval scenes of Prague, his favorite city. Prague is one of the rare cities where medieval architecture is still well-preserved, and I try to depict this medieval feel through his artwork.

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You can buy his souvenirs at his shop!

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