7 Reasons why people think Croatia is paradise

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Want to learn what paradise is? If you ever had a fantasy about the Mediterranean Sea, walking by the walled towns lying on the sapphire water, it is time to visit the Croatian paradise and make your fantasies come true. This country obtains a rich cultural legacy, followed by its priceless landmarks to the Slavic churches, Croatia has been a part of many crucial European events throughout the history.


The capital of Croatia has it all, music, arts, gastronomy, architecture, history and night life. In general, Zagreb is a mixture of Austro-Hungarian architecture and partly social structures, offering you long chit-chats in the numerous cafes, taking a stroll in the old town or enjoying the cultural life and of course party at night.


Once you set your eyes on the old town of Dubrovnik you will never forget the beauty of this town. You are about to be fascinated by the streets covered with marble and its baroque buildings, while walking through the city walls that have been protecting this town for centuries. Visit Mr. Srdz by cable cars and visit the museums filled with artifacts by retracing the historical touch.

Hvar town

The glitz and glamour of this town never stops to amaze its visitors. This small bay town is surrounded by 13th century walls and magnificent Gothic palaces and its marble streets offering you a unique experience in this town. The visitors enjoy the endless beaches or pay a visit to the Pakleni Islands but mostly Hvar is all about partying at night.


One of the most beautiful cities on the Balkans, this town is located on the bay of the Adriatic Sea. Filled with amazing landmarks, its narrow streets and courtyards full of people and beats from the local cafes and restaurants will make you stay forever in this town. Do not forget to visit the most famous palace in Croatia, the Diocletian Palace which is the heart of the city.

The paradise of Plitvice

This National Park will offer you a breathtaking sight of 16 crystal lines in total, followed by a series of cascades and waterfalls. You will fulfill your enjoyment dosage whilst passing through the 18 km wooden bridges while enjoying the clouds of butterflies and the sounds of the rumbling water. You can also rent a rowboat, but have in mind that swimming is not allowed in the lakes. This national park is one of the reasons to visit and see what the Croatian paradise has to offer.


The Roman ruins in this historical old town and its medieval churches make Zadar an intriguing small town located on a small peninsula. It is not all about history in Zadar. This town has to offer a lot of cosmopolitan cafes, clubs and restaurants. You cannot miss its most famous attractions: the Sun Salutation and the Sea Organ’s light spectacle. Zadar is a vibrant city that will also offer you many connections to the surrounding island and Italy.


Go to Bol if you want to experience the summer life on the Croatian Copacabana. Go windsurfing or soak up the sun on these amazing sandy beaches with its smooth white pebbles taken away by the wind and waves. This wonderful Dalmatian experience will offer you a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea, its pine tree forest and the rocky background.

These are just one of the reasons why everyone having a chance to visit Croatia will never stop dreaming about this country. All that has been mentioned above and a lot more can be found in the Croatian paradise which is the perfect getaway and a unique experience of a lifetime.

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