Authorities in Serbia Are Filling Tree Cavities With Asphalt, Locals In Shock

“We take care of the woodwork at the city promenade”

Photo: The Society for the Protection and Study of Birds

Instead of concreting holes on the roads, the utility service in Pirot decided to fix all the holes in the trees on the city promenade. The Society for the Protection and Study of Birds has published photographs on its Facebook that show that the holes, which are natural made on trees, have been tampered with. Namely, along the entire city promenade in Pirot, trees were created whose holes were filled with concrete reports

The executive director of the greenery, markets and cemeteries in Pirot, Nadezda Avgner explains that they have decided on this method to stop further rotting of trees. We take care of the woodwork at the city promenade, we apply certain measures each year, considering that we have trees that are old and more than 50 years old.

In this way, insects, birds and bats have been killed or permanently left without their home! The case has been reported to the authorities, and besides the punishment and removals of those responsible for this crime, they will be directed to nature – they wrote on their Facebook page The Society for the Protection and Study of Birds.


We have decided to stop the rotting, but also reduce the risk to the environment on the cemented cement hollows in the trees.


Filling cement with a cavity in trees is one of the measures by which we will protect the tree not to collapse during a storm – Avgner explains, which otherwise ended up at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade.

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