Baby Bear Lost Its Mother and Almost Died of Hunger, Successfully Rescued in Russian Leningrad Region

The bear was very dehydrated and also hungry, but he is getting better

thepoorphotographer (CC0), Pixabay

In the Leningrad region a bear cub was saved, which was left without a mother. Three months old exhausted baby was found near the village of Rappolovo. Local residents hoped that his mother would come for him, but this did not happen. An exhausted and dehydrated bear cub was taken to the animal rehabilitation center Veles.

Veterinarians found he had multiple injuries in the body and intestinal infection. Now he is under the care of specialists and his life and health does not threaten anything.

“The little bear wondered and went out to the inhabitants of one of the villages of the Leningrad region. People waited a day for the mother of cub, afraid of a bear mother would be angry, but the bear did not appear.” ~ Said the director of the center Alexander Fedorov.

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