Beer Paradise Spa Only In Czech Republic

There is so many different spa treatments today offered, for the health of your skin and body that to be honest it’s hard to choose which one to pay for. Also many that undergo such health treatments often like it to be as natural as it can be with ingredients that can be found in nature, so here’s one natural ingredient, beer. Yes you can go in Czech Republic and enjoy a beer bath tub spa treatment.

Actually it’s not just a trend in Czech Republic, but also in USA and Europe it has been becoming trendy and funny to enjoy a beer spa to make your life healthier, if any of you have tried it please leave a comment how was it!


So this neat alcoholic spa trend has specially bloomed in European Czech Republic and Germany, where those happy spa patients dip themselves in medicinal beer baths. Huge metal tubs and barrels are filled with mineral yeast, water, hops and beer. Apparently, this tradition isn’t new but actually ancient and witty Romans started doing this way back in the day and there is a science behind it. So what Romans did is they would heat the beer has to 93.2 degree Fahrenheit so the heat would make you sweat out the toxins, exfoliate your skin and then the active beer yeast would infuse your pretty skin and body with vitamins and other neat things inside of a beer. You can get rid of acne, muscle craps, joint pain and immune system problems with help of this happy spa, and you can drink a cold beer while at it!


So you must ask yourself how will it feel to bath in warm beer? Well you get to be surrounded by beer bubbles, but hey you’re getting a spa and to drink beer so how bad can it be?


The Chodovar Brewery offers you a treatment of 20-minute soaks in their own specially-brewed dark lager, mmm tasty right. After dipping in you’re wrapped in a cozy fleece blanket to take a little rest. At Hotel Bahenec in the Czech Republic you first take a steam in the sauna, soak in a whirlpool barrel beer bath – equipped with taps and mugs – then lay in a bed of straw for a nap.
Soak in Moorhof’s hoppy tub of 2 percent-alcohol lager made by the local Schnaitl brewery. Then comes the best part, after being soaked you get to be wrapped in a starchy white sheet and laid on a pile of warm alfalfa hay.

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