Explore Slovakia: Breathtaking Outlooks and Old Castle Ruins of Eastern Slovakia

Want to visit Slovakia and don’t know which places to choose in a short amount of time?

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Making a decision which places to put on the top of your travel list is oftentimes pretty difficult, especially when having short amount of time to spend in that country. Which sight or hiking track should be prioritized  and which one needs to be postponed for a possible future comeback to that region? On the whole, does the country offer any unforgettable adventure for its tourists? Let‘s answer this question in relation to the Slovak Republic and its natural wonders as well as architectural jewels.

To think that the only place worth visiting this country are High or Low Tatras is considered totally silly. Unfortunately, this tiny country hidden in a heart of Europe is unable to sell itself, therefore it’s understandable that lots of people don’t even know that the Carpatians are somehow related to this country. Especially the eastern part of Slovakia is pretty easy to become totally forgotten as far as wonders of the republic are concerned. However, if you think visiting the east is a waste of time, the following 5 places of east Slovakia have been chosen to change your mind and to deserve more attention.


A rocky hill standing right above the river Hornád and water reservoir Ružín is located nearby the city of Košice. It’s highly popular not only amongst the local inhabitants but also the passionate hikers because of being considered the most beautiful outlook of east Slovakia.

During favorable conditions even Lomnický peak, the second highest peak of Slovakia and the whole Carpatians, can be spotted as well as the mountains Volovské and Čierna hora (not intending to translate the whole names because the article would end up as a caricature).

How can I get there?

The easiest way (if not mentioning a car) is to follow the tourist signs from the railway station (yes, trains love Ružín) of Ružín or the bridge of Ružín. However, be prepared that a long journey and a steep path lies in front of you.

Šariš Castle

On a hill of a volcanic origin lie the ruins of one of the biggest castles of Slovakia. The visitors enjoy the non-difficult journey to the gateway of the castle through forest. The castle has been reconstructed in the last years therefore the castle tower is accessible and ready to astonish you with Čergov and Stráže mountains that can be seen from it (and then photographed).

How can I get there?

Either by bus or train, you will end up at a parking lot at the end of a village of Veľký Šariš where the tourist sign waits for you and the journey may begin.


You may visit a lot of different places in Zádiel. Although this seems as an idylic advertisement, it’s true. If your fitness is lower than a sea level, you can choose the exploring of Zádiel glen that leads to a small canteen with a meadow in the nearby that is highly attractive for children.

On the other hand, if being interested in longer hikes, the tourist path from a village of Háj will lead you to great outlooks. The most lovely ones are Zádielská viewpoint or Viewpoint Na Skale.

How can I get there?

The glen is accessible from the village of Zádiel whereas the village of Háj will lead yout to the viewpoints and it draws the explorers with its waterfalls as well. Don’t worry, buses will safely carry you there. No trains though.

Kapušiansky Castle


Sitting on a hill called Zámčisko nearby the city of Prešov, the castle is popular for its view (of course) as well as not difficult path to the top. The tower is open for public to strenghten your impression of the view. However, you have to pay for visiting the tower.

How can I get there?

Between you and the top of the mountain where the castle calmly waits stands only the bus/train and a tourist path from the village of Kapušany.

Rankovské Rocks

Last but not least, the view is the allurement. High Tatras can be spotted during a sunny day as well as all the mountains mentioned in paragraphs above such as Čergov.. The hike is suitable for the haters of long routes as well but beware, one may get lost easily if forgetting to watch the tourist signs.

How can I get there?

I recommend the tourist path from the village of Herľany nearby the geyser where, in addition, a bus stops. However, don’t get persuaded by a board saying “Rankovské skaly” that tries to convince you it knows the direction the best. Look for a tourist sign in the nearby of the geyser rather than follow the instructions of that board, otherwise you and your legs will suffer badly.

Another nice and not demanding hike is to Slanec castle . You have to get to the village of Slanec from the Slanec railway station that lies a bit further from the village itself but then the tourist signs or warm-hearted people will help you.

And to Zbojnícky castle that welcomes the hikers of all the age cathegories leads a path from the village called Ruská Nová Ves (you can get there from Prešov by a local bus).

I would also love to recommend other attractions for loyal hikers that are nearby Ružín such as Jánošikova bašta or Rock Drienková. Jánošíkova bašta is accessible from the village of Kysak and the starting point to Rock Drienková is again the bridge of Ružín or Ružín railway station.

I hope the article as well as the photos have inspired you to dedicate your time to exploring the eastern part of Slovakia. If you hadn’t heard about any of these places before – now you know enough to visit them in person.

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