Exploring Yugoslav “death-trap”: Nikšić House of Revolution in Montenegro

The old “system” left a lot of buildings that are a potential human threat today

Nikšić, Montenegro – The House of Revolution is a pretty massive building that was built in time of Yugoslavia as a memorial center to celebrate the Yugoslav unity and efforts of WWII-era fights over Balkans. However, photographer Darmon Richter took pictures of it and we can conclude it’s pretty much of a wreck today.

You should not wonder here on your own thought, Montenegrin’s call it “Communist deathtrap” as over 13 people died inside that building. It’s logical why, whole structure is in ruins with floors in state of a crumbling concrete, rusting walkways and pitch dark corridors.

All these “death-trap” obstacles didn’t stop Darmon Richter to explore this abandoned structure, in fact he met young Montenegrins that use this building as a “potentially” deadly playground and they were his guides on this exploration. Other details on this story you can read on his blog The Bohemian Blog. As for now check the pictures below and see how the Yugoslav death-trap looks like:

What do you think?

What do you think?

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