The Devil Heads – See the most creepy place in Czech Republic

Two monstrous faces loom over a village in the Czech Republic

Photo: Petr1868 – Vlastní dílo/cc by-sa 3.0

Czech Republic – Now don’t get us wrong, Czech republic is a wonderful country but there are some pretty scary places in it. From bone churches to ghost churches, awesome Czech High Hrothgar and now we found another one that would probably make you fell pretty unsafe if you would by accident come upon it during a hiking exploration. Located above the little colorful village of Želízy in Czech Republic, two demon faces carved in natural stone stare back at the village and it’s villagers.

At first local villagers were probably not that happy about creepy Devil Heads staring down at their little village, but now they embraced them and it’s a cool tourist attraction for generations now.

These forest horrors have been created by Vaclav Levy in the mid 1800s and ever since then they are known to locals as Certovy Hlavy or “The Devil heads”.

Now these faces are a bit damaged from rough weather and time, but hey that’s maybe just the thing that makes it even more creepy.

Devil’s Head are freely accessible along the blue trail from the municipal office in Schelesen.

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What do you think?

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