How About Some Medieval Beer From Modern Prague? Yes Please!

Drinking beer, eating greasy food and dancing on table huh?

Czech Republic – We all love a good pint of beer don’t we? Something this beer itself is not enough, we need good atmosphere too! So Czechs combined the two and started their Medieval beer tavern “Brabant” that is hidden like a true jewel in old quarters of Prague. Finding this tavern in Prague’s old streets is fun, but it gets much better when you get into it.

Actual correct name of the tavern is “The King of Brabant” and as such it has existed since 1375. How awesome is that huh? So the tourists that come her love to enjoy excellent beer, tasty Czech dishes while being surrounded by creepy skulls, animal wall skins, massive wooden tables and lighted candles.

For that extra touch of medieval feeling, you can smell hay throughout this pub and as in any medieval pub people dance on tables, scream, get drunk and even rent rooms on the upper part of the building. Awesome right?

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What do you think?

What do you think?

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Medvednica / Photo © Tina Bralic

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