Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Ultimate List of Awesome Festivals You Should Attend

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Bosnia & Herzegovina – Most of the festival-going folk have already heard of ExitUltra or InMusic so I thought it’s a shame that most popular B&H festivals stay in the shadows. B&H really has some unique places to visit and experiences to offer, at probably the lowest prices in the region AND Europe.

It’s actually more than just “music festivals”, because our list is packed with additional things that you can do in areas where these festivals are held. So there will be numerous things to experience from local delicious food, to kayaking, hiking, or just absorbing all that diverse local cultures.

Also, this guy’s shirt says it all:

“Have you ever heard a boring person say, ‘Let’s go to Bosnia?”

1. OK Fest

OK Fest is a combo of all kinds of activities you wouldn’t normally expect at a music fest: there’s rafting, hiking, concerts, trips to one of the last remaining primeval forest in Europe, movie projections and lots of sport activities. Also, you can swim in the biggest open pool in ex-Yugoslavia.

Where: National Park Sutjeska

2. WH Fest

West Herzegowina Fest or WHF is a well-known music fest that holds an annual competition for regional bands, writers and screenings for short-movie entries.

Where: Siroki Brijeg

3. Jazz Fest Sarajevo

Jazz Fest Sarajevo is an international music fest held in Sarajevo for the last two decades. The fest is always in the first week of November, meaning you can still make it in time if you’re a jazz fan.

Where: Sarajevo 

5. Sarajevo Film Festival

SFF is the largest film festival in Southeast Europe,and one of the largest film festivals in Europe. It was founded in Sarajevo in 1995 during the siege of Sarajevo in the Bosnian Independence War, and brings international and local celebrities to Sarajevo every year. In addition to the screenings and celebrity-filled red carpet, Sarajevo has a really rich nightlife.

Where: Sarajevo of course

6. Mostar Summer Fest

Mostar Summer Fest is a popular music festival held in Mostar, Herzegovina with a line-up always filled with regional stars.

Where: Mostar

7. Demofest

Demofest is a music festival held every year in Banja Luka, that also includes a competition section for aspiring music artists. It is held in the medieval Kastel Fortress located on the beautiful river Vrbas.

Where: Banja Luka

8. Mostar Blues&Rock Festival

Mostar Blues&Rock festival is an international music fest held every year in Mostar, since 2003. It features some of the most famous blues and rock musicians such as Tito & Tarantula,Ten Years After, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Sugar Blue, Snowy White, Dr. Feelgood, Deborah Coleman, Danny Shephard and many others.

Where: Mostar

9. Color Festival

Color Festival is a unique festival in the region mirroring the Holi festival in India. It features electronic dance, deep house and techno music among others.

Where: Brcko

10. BH Beer Fest

BH Beer Fest in Bijeljina features many regional artists and it is the biggest beer-and-music combo festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina where you can try popular regional beers.

Where: Bijeljina

Honorable mentions:

Stolacka Tarca

Stolacka Tarca is a one-day medieval festival in Stolac, Herzegovina, a town rich with Illyrian, Roman and Slav remains and historic attractions.


Javorwood is a one-day multimedia&art festival held on mountain Bjelasnica, which hosted the Winter Olypics in 1984.

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