How to recognize Ukrainian people in your neighborhood

Ukrainians are easily recognized in these several ways

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Every nation has its features that are visible from first sight. Have you ever happened to understand that a person is from France just by observing what food they order at the restaurant? Or that a person is from England just by the style of their clothes? I think the answer is most likely yes. There are some distinctive features that may help you to understand that a tourist is from Ukraine.I will tell you about some of them in this article.

Lard in the hand luggage

Ukrainians like to eat lard and it’s very common to make sandwiches from just lard and bread. That’s why if at the security check at the airport you see somebody taking out plastic bags with lard on the belt you can be sure these people are Ukrainian.

Towel on the deckchair

Ukrainians can be very particular about the places they take at the bar or near the pool. Sometimes it might be worth getting up early in the morning just to take the best deckchairs near the pool. But if they don’t want to stay at the pool that early they might just leave their towels pretending that it’s occupied and then head back to sleep for another couple of hours.

Castles on the beach

A very similar situation happens very often on the beach. Some beaches are really small near the sea of Azov or the Black sea. And very often there is not enough space not because there are too many people but also because some people occupy half of the beach just for their family. If you see somebody taking a tent, a table, a couple of chairs, ten beach towels, a BBQ, a mattress and two pillows for a family of two – you can be pretty sure they are from Ukraine.

Ordering bread

Every meal in Ukraine is served with a big portion of bread which is not always the case with European restaurants especially with the restaurants of foreign cuisines. But if you see a group of people in a restaurant eating mexican burritos and ordering bread with it they are probably Ukrainians. They will also think that every meal is not too tasty if there is no thick piece of bread with it.

Mains for starters

This point also concerns restaurants. The fact that the dumplings are in the section of main courses on the menu doesn’t bother Ukrainians and they can easily devour a portion of dumplings for their starter, a soup and only then the main course which will probably consist of some meat and a side dish, probably a salad. If you see two people in a restaurant and eight dishes on the table at the same time – they are probably Ukrainians.

Drinks come last

Let’s continue with the restaurant differences. In most European restaurants you get drinks before the food. The waiter comes up to you, asks for the drinks and brings them straight away so that you don’t have to wait with an empty table for too long. This is a normal thing for most nations but not for Ukrainians. You need the drink to wash your food down so why would somebody drink their drink before even starting to eat? That is the logic behind Ukrainians who get their drink before food, get too shy to ask why the drinks came first, wait for the food, eat and then have to drink their drink when it’s already cold.

Gold rush and high heels

Ukrainians like gold. Jewelry from gems and stones are not so popular whilst golden necklaces are very common not only for women but also for men. When you see a man with a thick golden necklace he is probably from Ukraine. Also if you see a woman wearing high heels, especially if she wears them in the most inappropriate places, like a sandy beach or a stony cliff, she is probably from Ukraine too. There is also a big chance that such tourists might be from Russia too as this last point is common for both Ukrainians and Russians.

Maybe you can think of the other signs that help you recognise tourists are from different countries? This article is a huge generalisation so take it with a pinch of salt and share your thoughts in the comments.

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