Lake Ohrid – the oldest lake in Europe

dimitrisvetsikas1969 (CC0), Pixabay

Macedonia as a country is small in it’s size, in fact it is 25.3 thousand square kilometers in size. However despite this little fact about it’s size it has a great variety of natural wonders, history and architecture to offer to any wandering tourists. Macedonia today is a free country, but once in history it was also a part of the Ottoman, Roman and Byantine empires and later even part of Bulgarian and Serbian empire. However even all those other forces that interfered with Macedonia it has successfully preserved it’s beauties and culture and one fact, that it is the birthplace of Slavic literature. Now on this virtual trip you will see the crystal clear water of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia.

Full of small fish and beautiful fauna that is not dangerous for humans is what makes this place worth a visit to enjoy.

As far as fish you can find Koran fish that look like trouts and they are only found here in Lake Ohrid and Russian Lake Baikal so that’s just another Pan-Slavic link there.

Not far from the lake you can find a park called Drilon, or even cafe’s for tourists and locals or if you are a bit more adventurous you could even take a ride on a catamaran.

Warm weather of Balkans will keep you warm so this is one of those perfect relaxing locations for your holiday.

Also prices are pretty cheap so that is another bonus for you if you ever visit it during your Balkan tour!

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