Five World-Famous And Most Significant Ukrainian Sportsmen And Their Achievements

“sportsmen who contributed a lot into the development of sports in Ukraine”

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There is only one fair battle that can take place between countries. This is a sports battle. Sportsmen deserve the highest respect as the glory they get comes due to their hard work, strong will and patriotism. They become famous not only in their own country but in the whole world. They also become the example and the idols for future generations. Sport is a fair battle that’s why so many people enjoy watching sports and some of the sportsmen’s names are familiar even in the most remote places of the world.

Here is a list of Ukrainian sportsmen who contributed a lot into the development of sports in Ukraine, stand at the beginning of the Ukrainian sports culture and represented Ukraine in the most important sports competition throughout their amazing careers.

Andrey Shevchenko

Andrey Shevchenko is the most famous Ukrainian footballer of all time. In fact, several years ago this was one of the first associations that appeared in foreigners minds (especially male) when the conversation was about Ukraine. At the moment Andrey is the coach of the Ukrainian national football team but he started his career in the Dinamo Kiev team. Then after being noticed in Europe thanks to his great performances in Ukrainian leagues he was invited to Milan and later to Chelsea. Andrey Shevchenko is ranked as the third top goalscorer in all European competitions, in his career he scored 67 goals.

Klitschko brothers

Vitaliy (the oldest brother) and Volodymyr (the youngest brother) are famous boxers. They are two of the best boxers in the world and during there career both of them won many belts and titles. In 1999 Vitaliy became the WBC world heavyweight champion, he beat the world record by winning 25 fights by knockout during the first 6 rounds. In 2014 he retired and became a politician. Currently he is a mayor of Kiev. Volodymyr has also had a very successful boxing career, he won WBO, IBF, IBO and WBA titles. In 2008 Vitaliy regained the WBC title after defeating Samuel Peter, so between each of the Klitschko brothers they held all of the World Heavyweight titles. Vitalii Klitschko finished his sporting career in 2013. He had a total of 47 fights, 45 wins and 2 losses. Vladimir is still continuing his career and so far he participated in 69 fights with 64 wins and 5 loses.

Sergey Bubka

Sergey Bubka is a world famous pole vaulter. He was born in 1963 in the Ukrainian city of Luhansk. He started his career representing the USSR and continued as the sportsman of the independent Ukraine after the USSR collapsed. Several years after starting his career he beat the world record clearing 5.85 meters in Bratislava. The same year he beat his own record three more times, the first time by clearing a height of 5.88 in Paris, then 5.90 in Paris and then 5.94 in London. All together Bubka beat the world record in the outdoor championship 17 times and he set 18 indoor records. His most important record was clearing a 6.14 height indoor and and 6.15 meters outdoor. Nobody before him could take the height over 6 meters. Sergey still holds the record of outdoor jumping since 1994 with the 6.14 meters height. The indoor record has recently been beaten by Renaud Lavillenie, who in 2014 overtook Sergeys record by just one centimeter. Nevertheless, Sergey was holding the world record of indoor jumps for 21 years.

Yana Klochkova

Yana Klochkova is a four-time Olympic champion in swimming. She is the most decorated Ukrainian Olympic champion in the history of the Olympic games. She got two gold and one silver medal in the Olympic games in Sydney in 2000 and two gold medals in Athens in 2004. The same year she got the title “The swimmer of the year”.

Liliya Podkopaeva

Lilia is a Ukrainian gymnast, Merited Master of Sports of Ukraine, world-around and Olympic Champion, the Judge of the International Category. She became world famous in the year of 1995 when she won the European Cup. In Atlanta in 1996 at the Olympic games Liliya won two gold medals with the “double front somersault with half-twist” being her best known move. Nobody managed to repeat it until now. During her career Liliya won 45 golden medals, 21 silver and 14 bronze. In 2012 she emigrated to America where at the moment she is coaching and gives lectures.

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