Mali Lošinj – The Island of Vitality

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Mali Lošinj is a town that is located on the island of Cres – Lošinj and is also the largest city on the island which has a growing population due the constant and frequent development. Most of the population is mainly engaged in tourism, while the other small part of the population is engaged in shipping and fishing. This city and as well as the whole Cres and Lošinj island has a long and interesting history which is dating back to the ancient times when for the name Apsyrtides was mentioned for the first time. The emergence of the name of this archipelago is connected with an ancient legend of the Greek hero Apsyrtus who was the son of a very wealthy king Eta form Colchis.

Apsirt had a sister named Medea who was madly in love with Jason the seaman. So one day, Jason and Medea decided to steal the Golden Fleece from king Eta and get away with it, together with his crew ( The Agronaut’s). Apsirt went to search for his sister to return his father’s stolen fleece. Tricked by his sister, Apsirt was killed and his body was dismembered and thrown into the sea form which this Islands have incurred.

Throughout the history, Mali lošinj was a small settlement which developed gradually. This city has always been a favorite resort of the former Habsburg emperors. Franz Josef has even built a villa for him and his family on the famous bay of Čikat. Mali Lošinj has always been famous for his climate, which is suitable for all people with rerespiratory problems ad diseases, and for this reason the complete island is called an healt resort. There are a lot of beautiful beaches and bays of which the most famous are Čikar and Sunčana uvala who offer many attractive sport and leisure facilities for the whole family.


The Apoxiomen of Lošinj is the name of an ancient bronze statue which was found in 1996. in the waters of Lošinj, near the islet Vele Orijule on a sandy bottom between two rocks at a depth of about 45m. Apoxiomen or in Greek apoxyómenos which means “ the one who scrapes” is the name of the poses in which the ancient Greeks presented their athletes. It’s still not known how exactly the statue of Apoxiomen got in our island archipelago and for this reason there are several versions f the story of his arrival.

One of the most famous and probably the most accurate on is that the statue was thrown into the sea in the midst of a storm to reduce the burden on the boat so it would not sink. This ancient bronze statue is 192 cm tall and weights about 300 kg and has become the symbol of the city and it’s his current biggest attraction.

After years of restoration, desalinization and staying at the Archaeological Museum of Zagreb, the statue is scheduled to return to his original home in Mali Lošinj on the 30th of April 2016. On this day there will be a grand opening of the Museum Apoxiomen in the Kvarner palace. The opening will be spectacular and it will be accompanied by many entertaining and cultural events trough the whole day for the locals and the visitors, among which will be our president and many other politicians.

Aquapark Čikat

Mali Lošinj in addition to being a naturally beautiful city which is completely surrounded by pine trees and blue sea, is very rich in many recreational and entertaining activities throughout the year.

The first and only water-park on the island Cres and Lošinj was opened on the 10th of July 2015. The park is located in the auto camp Čikat and it extends over an area of 6,312 m2 with 2,890 m2 of water and 2,742.95 m2 of surface buildings. The pool areas are divided into five parts. Each of thees five parts have many interesting attractions like water slides, water castles, original replicas of dolphins and turtles ect. which are intended for everyone.

The water-park has it’s two famous mascots that are there to entertain and animate the visitors. There names are Chici and Chica (a turtle and a dolphin) and they are one of the main attractions there, especially among the children who are happy to pose with them for pictures to have unforgettable memories from their holiday.

All of the attractions are safe and have a high level of safety standards. It should be noted that all of the pools are filled exclusively with salt sea water. The entire park is also accessible for handicap people. There are rams, restrooms, elevators who are especially made for them so they have an easier access.

Attractive lighting, beautiful horticulture and harmonious design of the entire park gives you a small feeling of luxury. On certain days of the week there are special events like pool parties with live music or a synchronized swimming performance.

The city of Mali Lošinj, as well as the whole island is full of natural beauty and the local residents are very kind and friendly. Here you have a unique opportunity to enjoy and relaxing and fun holiday with your family and friends.

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