Map Showing When Was The Last Execution In Your Country

Clear difference between East and West and their methods of Execution

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As of 2018, capital punishment (the death penalty) has been abolished in all European countries, except Belarus and Russia. Russia, however, put a moratorium on this form of punishment in 1999, making Belarus the only European country where the death penalty is still used in practice reports Czech Jakub Marian.

The map below shows the last year (for each country) an execution was carried out as a form of punishment for a non-military and non-war-related crime, together with the method used. In several countries, more recent executions were carried out for (alleged) war crimes, treason, genocide, or other crimes against the state.

There is a clear difference between Eastern and Western Europe. It is noticeable that preferred method of executions in Eastern Europe is shooting people, while Western Europe preference is guillotine.

  • Belarus –> 2017 – shot
  • Ukraine –> 1997 – shot
  • Russia –> 1996 – shot
  • Serbia –> 1992 – shot
  • Czechia –> 1989 – hanged
  • Slovakia –> 1989 – hanged
  • Bulgaria –> 1989 – shot
  • Poland –> 1988 – hanged
  • Croatia –> 1987 – shot
  • Montenegro –> 1981 – shot
  • Macedonia –> 1977 – shot
  • BiH –> 1977 – shot
  • Slovenia –> 1959 – shot

It is not without interest that the choice of execution method seems to correlate with geographical and cultural proximity. The following map shows the same set of data but now with a colouring scheme representing the method used, not the year (execution by guillotine and other forms of beheading are grouped together).

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