Polish Gdańsk Releases New Tourist Adventure Attraction, Finding Mini-Statue of Lions “Hevelions”

Can you find them all across the city?

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Have you ever seen remarkable bronze figurines of lions, a brand new symbol of Gdańsk inspired by Johannes Hevelius? The lion has been a symbol of Gdańsk since the medieval times. When you visit Gdańsk, you can see them everywhere. When the local community started to look for a unique way to increase the attraction of the city, it was obvious that the new project must be related to the lions.The idea of creating a series of the figurines that can become a symbol of the city appeared a few years ago. Obviously, it was inspired by the famous dwarfs from Wrocław (Breslau) and the other similar ideas.

During the last years, the city of Gdańsk invested in creating the lions that represent the historical figures of the city or promote the important parts of Gdańsk including the locations in the Old City, the airport, the stadium, etc. Each one of them is different, but all of them are really gorgeous.Lion – the symbol of GdańskLions had always been a very important element of symbolism in Gdańsk. They decorate the elevations of the old pearls of architecture, so characteristic to the cities of Hanseatic League.

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They are visible in every part of the Old City. They were also included in the coat of arms of the city. As the creators of the concept of Hevelions wrote „lions can be found everywhere in Gdańsk: on facades of the Great Armoury, Green Gate, in the portal of the Main City Hall, in front of the gate to the Gdańsk University of Technology and at the foot of the Artus Court. We can also observe them, for example, as stone sculptures at the Kobzdeja Square, bronze statues by the Fountain of the Four Quarters or as murals presenting mechanical lions at the Gdańsk stadium.”No matter was it a GermanDanzig or a Polish Gdańsk, it had always been related to the symbol of the lion. Finally, lions represent an important issue related to the local ZOO. Although it is hard to believe, the ZOO from Gdańsk(Oliwa) is well known due to their successes in breeding the lions. There was a year when three baby lions were born in this ZOO.

Due to this fact, the specialists who take care of the lions were noticed as high-quality specialists in taking care of the lions.The cutest lions of Poland The Hevelions didn’t need the specialists from the ZOO. They came to the streets of Gdańsk straight from the workshop of the sculptor. Currently, there are ten lions in the city. One of them – placed near the seaside was stolen by unknown people. Their reasons remain unknown too because the sale of the figurine seems to be nearly impossible. The figures of bronze lions are unique, each one of them is a work by the artist Tomasz Radziewicz. However, the lovely lion came back to the seaside.The first and the most famous of the Hevelions is located near the scientific and historical center Hevelianum.

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The lion is, of course, inspired by the famous astronomer from Gdańsk – Johannes Hevelius. The lion wears characteristic clothes to the times of the astronomer and carries the tools he used in his famous observatory. Another one is a football fan, one of the Hevelions welcomes the travelers at the Lech Walesa Airport. The lions are loved by the children and appreciated by the adults. They are lovely, funny and friendly.If you plan to visit Gdańsk, don’t forget to download the application that will connect you with the lions. You can take a route around the city with lovely Hevelions. We can promise you – it won’t be disappointing.

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