Snowlandia – The World’s Largest Snow Labyrinth From Poland

Polandia offers unique fun in the land of Snowlandia

You love snow? You love Labyrinth games? Well Poland thought about all your needs and opened a unique park. Forget the green Labyrinth of Versailles, having fun in snow is much better. The Snowlandia Zakopane park invites you to discover the largest snow labyrinth in the world, which stretches over 2500 square meters!

This uniqe labyrinth was Installed for the first time two years ago in the Zakopane resort and ever since the opening locals and tourists are flocking this place like crazy.

This amazing snow maze offers its visitors a chance to lose themselves in a gigantic labyrinth made of ice and snow, surrounded by walls over 2m high!

An awesome ephemeral attraction open to adults and children h/t: (ufunkdesignyoutrust)

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