Plovdiv – 5 Reasons You Have To Visit This Beautiful Bulgarian City

It’s a full package offering you good food, culture and relaxation

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Plodiv, Bulgaria – Not many of tourists from around the globe even know about the existence of this amazingly beautiful Bulgarian town. Traveling into Plovdiv is like going back in time because the city managed to preserve a lot of its old town – after all, it is one of the oldest cities in the Europe. Being so old it is packed with everything you would expect from such an ancient city, this is why we made a short list so you could fully understand us. So, if you wonder why you should consider visiting and spending a few nights at Plovdiv, here we go:

Arts and culture

Since Plovdiv is the second largest city in the whole country, this naturally means that the town is full of many people who engage in various activities. Arts and culture are surely one of those, and there are a lot of spots where you can learn about Bulgarian culture and traditional arts (and modern ones too). The Ethnographic Museum is the best place to start if you are the first timer in Bulgaria in general.
The Cultural Center-Museum TrakArt near Stambolov Square is another great place to stop by because here you can learn a lot about the history of the country and Roman Empire heritage there too. The Bachkavo Monastery (about 30 kilometers from Plovdiv) and the Djumaya Mosque are also great spots

Food and drinks

Slavic cultures won’t be Slavic is not their unique and one of a kind traditional cuisines. Bulgarian traditional meals are definitely worth trying out, and the best place to do that is surely in the biggest cities – Plovdiv is exactly what you are looking for. Since Bulgaria is a much cheaper country in comparison with Western ones, here even the most delicious and high-quality meals will be affordable for everyone.

While if you are a huge wine lover, this town can also offer you a broad range of activities. However, the best time to travel here if you enjoy wine is in November – you can visit the annual Young Wine Parade in late November and enjoy great food and drinks as much as you want.


After learning a lot about culture and history, and eating tons of cheap and amazing meals, it is time to relax and have fun and hundreds of nightlife spots scattered all around the town. For the all night parties, head to the Kapana neighborhood just north of the Dzhumaya mosque where the most of the cities restaurants, clubs, bars and other entertainment venues are located and experience the real Bulgarian fun.


As mentioned, Bulgaria, in general, is a lot cheaper country compared with bigger and famous western towns. And price ranges in accommodation is one of the best examples of this fact. Even in the old town (which is all around the world is considered being the best place to live) you can find a wide range of cheap, budget-friendly and luxurious hotels. Just make sure you book well in advance and look for other ways on how to reduce your rate even more!

Hostel Old Plovdiv, The Crib, My Guest Rooms Plovdiv, and Bike Hostel Plovdiv are the best budget-friendly hotels there, while if you feel a bit more fancier choose Hotel Imperial, Park Hotel, Sankt-Peterburg Park Hotel, or Novotel Plovdiv.


Plovdiv is pedestrian friendly therefore one of the best ways to explore it and shop around is on foot. Knyaz Alexander I street is the one you have to walk around since it is the main shopping alley there with both international brands and many local shops where you can find some real goods and come back home with lovely unique pieces. Otets Paisiy Street, Saborna Street, and the Kapana district are also the places for some shopping. While in the Old Town you can shop for antiques and great souvenirs you can bring back home.

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