Repair Shop in Poland Still Uses Commodore 64 For Business

Why throw something if it still works, right?

source: Bartek Gatz / Facebook

Poland – Tell us, are you tired of the current consumer society where you change your smartphones and personal computers like socks? Well if you are, then you are not alone. One auto-mechanic shop in Gdansk (Poland) also shares your pain and they didn’t change their PC for 25 years.

They stopped to produce these computers back in 1994, but this auto-mechanic shop in Poland still uses it. Jokingly they said “Good things should not be changed”.

This C64C used by a small auto repair shop for balancing driveshafts has been working non-stop for over 25 years! And despite surviving a flood it is still going…

Some of the comments:

  • “No FUCKING Windows updates! No VIRUSES! No blue screens. Not even a “Guru Meditation” or 3 bombs… Just a working horse. That’s what a computer supposed to be for you.”
  • “Our first computer was a Commodore 64. The salesman said that it was the only computer that we would ever need. Maybe he was right!”
  • “When Quality was paramount and not the junk plastics and cheapest of the cheap.”

Do you have any similar tech relics at home?

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