Scythians in Russia smoked cannabis from golden bongs

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It seems that old Aryan tribal chiefs, namely Scythian’s, used golden Bongs to smoke cannabis during ceremonies. Examining these bongs led the researchers to another find, they used ancient drug paraphernalia that was commonly used in the era of Scythians. In the excavation over 7lbs of gold was dug out of land during construction work to make way for power lines in Russia. All of the items were buried in a stone chamber just before they were being concealed by clay walls.

Researching the compound found in these vessels criminologists say it is filled with cannabis and opium that was a royal drug. Historians believe these golden bongs belonged to Scythians, the nomadic warrior tribe that conquered a larger part of Europe and Asia in a span from 9th century BC and 4th century AD.

Greek historian Herodotus, 425BC: ‘Scythians used a plant to produce smoke that no Grecian vapour-bath can surpass which made them shout aloud.’

These two vessels might be the oldest found “bongs” in the world, which proves that the cannabis and opium consumption was probably one of the ways to alter the state of mind before going to battle.

What do you think, did this help them in battle?

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