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Meet the Polandball and other Slavic Countryball Toys

Polandball, also known as countryball (“zemlja-lopta”) is the infamous internet meme generated by users on in the second half of 2009. The meme was manifested through a large number of user-drawn online comics in which the given country is presented in the form of spherical personas talking very bad English and mocking national stereotypes and international relations. This type of comic was called polandball (even in the case when Poland was not among the actors) and countryball (ie. The collective countryballs).

Polandball traces its roots from the ‘cyber-war’ in September 2009 between Polish Internet users and the rest of the world which took place on the site These sites, which offer virtual drawing screen, allow their customers to draw whatever they want, but also to draw over existing drawings of other users. On the Polish internet room, there was idea to draft a Polish flag over circular canvas on and thousands of Poles managed to take cooperation canvas, coloring it in red and white with the words “POLSKA” in the middle. After coordination on 4chan, the drawing was later covered with a huge swastika by German members.

Why should You get a Countryball plush toy?

What better way to learn your dear ones about messy inter-Slavic relations and arguments than with a set of beautifully made Countryballs. Just some of the things that you can do with your countryballs: throw them, sleep with them, cuddle them, give them as a present to your girlfriend or boyfriend, play with them, eat with them, drive a car with them, go to school with them, burn them, cuddle with them again. As you can see possibilities are countless. This is why we brought you these fine countryballs:

1# Plush Polandball Countryball

Polan can’t into Space!! 

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2# Plush Czechball Countryball

Czechball can’t into strong economy

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3# Plush Russiaball Countryball

Russiaball can into space

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4# Plush Macedoniaball Countryball

Macedoniaball can into ancient Alexander

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5# Plush Sloveniaball Countryball

Sloveniaball can into Germany

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6 # Plush Bulgariaball Countryball

Bulgariaball makes mean salad

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7# Plush Hussarball Countryball

Hussarball can into Victory

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8# Plush Croatiaball Countryball

Croatiaball can into European Union

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9# Plush USSRball Countryball

Soviet Unionball hates everyone who isn’t socialist

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10# Plush Belarusball Countryball

Nobody knows Belarusball really, except Russiaball

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11# Plush Serbiaball Countryball

Serbia ball has Expertise in kebabballs

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12# Plush Ukraineball Countryball

Ukraineball can’t into Crimea

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Which one did you like the most?

What do you think?

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Written by Ivan R.

There is a beast with heart of cold stone that dashes like lightning, shreds flesh from bone. // Bewitched by this beast, I fell to my knees. My mouth babbled madness and mumbled soft pleas. // I stared down the ravenous, gnashing dark maw of a cute cuddly kitten with yarn in its paw

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