Serbia: The Land of Music Festivals

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There are not many things Serbian people love more than music. Maybe a good bite, or a sip of a high-quality rakija. But still, those things are better with a sound of a guitar or accordion. If you want to have a good time and feel so many types of music in one country, then Serbia is the way to go.

These are just some of the music festivals you can visit in this place. It doesn’t matter if you like a sound of a classic guitar, heavy metal or good old trumpet, here you can find something for everyone. Let’s see…

Exit Festival

This music festival was founded 16 years ago as a form of resistance against the government. Years passed by, the government changed, but the festival is still living to the fullest. It takes place at the Petrovaradin fortress on the Danube in the city of Novi Sad. That location gives this festival some kind of magic, so when you visit Exit once, you will come again, that’s for sure.


When it comes to Exit, there are many stages where you can find all kinds of music, from the Dance Arena to the Explosive Stage. Here are just a few names that performed on Exit: Snoop Dog, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols, Jamiroquai, White Stripes, David Guetta, Walls of Jericho… you get the point. So, if you want to listen to good music in a magical fortress, Exit is the right place to start.

Guča Trumpet Festival

Better known as Dragačevski Sabor, Guča festival exists since 1961 and, at first, it was very modest and small gathering that made its way through the history. Now, more than 600,000 people visit this festival every year. That is a large number of trumpet lovers, right? So, if you thought that Coachella has wildest and craziest music nights, you never danced all over the Guča with 599,999 strangers who all behave like a big drunk family.


Guča is a small town in western Serbia and during those several days, while festival lasts, you can hear dance kolos, oros, marches and everything else you can imagine. That cacophony draws people into dancing and drinking like there is no tomorrow. One crazy place, believe me!


This festival is relatively new (it started in 2007 as a Love bridge party), but now is one of the biggest music festivals in Serbia. It is not just about the music, but also about the urban culture of youth. That means youth comes there to get drunk and dance. Just kidding. It means it has some program zones, like Graffiti, Eco, Workshop, Street Basket, even a Kids zone. There’s something for everyone!

This festival is stationed in Vrnjačka Banja (Google it!), so besides listening to a great music, take time to have plenty of rest and enjoy relaxing nature. Every year’s lineup draws many visitors, but this year is very special because Lovefest is celebrating the 10th birthday. You know it’s going to be wild!

Nišville Festival

Now, something different, but still very interesting. This festival mainly focuses on traditional forms of jazz, but you can also find a fusion of this direction with an ethnic sound from all over the Balkans. When it comes to jazz, this is the largest and most-visited festival of this type in Southeastern Europe. It received numerous awards for both music and organization.

So, if you want to be one of the 100,000 visitors that enjoy music in the Fortress of Niš each year, you just have to show up. And listen to a lovely sound!

There are many more festivals in Serbia (which means more opportunities to drink rakija) and once you start visiting them, it is hard to stop. So, if you want to have unforgettable summer, pack your bags and spare shoes since you will dance a lot!

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