Shawarmaggedon: Russia bans Kebab and Shawarma

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The Moscow city government decided to ban street vendors of kebabs, explaining the decision because owners of these oriental fast food restaurants refuse to invest in hygiene, as reported by popular independent radio station Echo of Moscow. Muscovites defend their favorite snack on Twitter after stalls are accused of failing sanitation standards. Meduza reports. This is one of the most dramatic food ban crisis is Moscow, on a level as if KFC would be banned in USA, in other words blasphemy for fast food lovers!

This food ban has outraged Muscovites that love to munch on their favorite meaty snack, so the whole proest has come on a new level where they protest on Twitter with hashtags #ShaurmaZhivi – which is Russian/Slavic for “long live shawarma” or “shawarma will survive”.

“The format of sales such as kebabs, in the scheme of distribution of street sale in Moscow is no more. They are working more individual stands which is not expired lease. We will remove the kebabs from the streets and to them it will be no more!”, Crisp is the clerk.

“We are ridding the streets of all shawarma. It’s going to disappear completely,” city official Alexey Nemeryuk told Russian radio station Komsomolskaya Pravda.

He points out that while the multiple visits of sanitary inspectors confirmed that the owners of stalls “have no desire to submit the lowest cost to comply with current sanitary regulations”.

Some also called for the exodus of Kebab and Shawarma food in St. Petersburg  and Minsk while others joked how they will hide their meat from authorities and eat it in their four walls!

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