Slovenia is Now Officially the Worlds Greenest Destination

All that green nature has beaten hands down all other competition

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Slovenia – This little green country has finally been recognized officially as the world’s first country to bear a title of “Green Destination”. A Netherlands organization “Green Destination” and it’s representatives have given Slovenia this meaningful title at Ljubljana Castle this Thursday reported Slovenian Times. Organizations founder Albert Salman has explained that their criteria for such title has over 100 points and Slovenia scored 96% thus winning the title of the greenest destination.

We are sure many will agree, as this wonderful country is truly a green gem of Europe and Slovenians should be proud of it, plus after this title they should keep it even greener, cleaner and more authentic!

“Slovenia is becoming known in the international tourism community as a small country which is taking big steps in sustainable tourism,” said STO director Maja Pak

The selected destinations received Quality Coast, Quality Destinations and Green Destination certificates. Apart from Slovenia, the biggest number of destinations on the list come from the Netherlands, Croatia, Portugal, Canada, Chile, China, Spain and the UK.

Most of the representatives agreed on one point: In the past green tourism was considered as expensive location tourism, but today it is a norm and something that is expected. We all want to visit places which are green, quiet, clean, authentic and beautiful said Salman.

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