The Best Festivals in Montenegro You Shouldn’t Miss In Your Lifetime

Smallest Slavic state with a lot of festivals

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Montenegro – One of the coolest things about summer, besides the obvious benefits of not feeling like a penguin and being able to enjoy the sunny weather, beaches and light clothes, is the awesome opportunity to have fun in some of the many festivals around the globe! No doubt, festivals are one of the best memory makers. You may see this as a wrong time to start the topic, but think about it like this – the best way to shorten the winter is to start planning your summer! So, here are some festivals to be added to your next-to-check list, each of them with different yet casual style and atmosphere.

Also, if you haven’t yet visited the beautiful country of Montenegro, you may find this as an incentive!

Southern Soul

There are SO many reasons to visit this event. Starting from music – a combination of soul, funk, jazz, house, performed by hip and underground names. Just four years old, Southern soul offers more than 40 acts and 70 hours of music on three stages each year.

Some of the names in the line-up of previous years are Nicola Conte, Gilles Peterson, Alice Russell, Theo Parrish, Marcos Valle… Also, it is good to know that the number of tickets is limited.

And the place!

It is probably one of the most beautiful open stages you’ve been to. It started being popular and discovered by foreign tourists just several years ago. The festival takes place on the longest beach in Montenegro, 12 km long. Precisely – on the attractive part of this sandy beach with Kite surfing Club, called Kitesurf club Dolcinium.

This means the night is not the only fun part of the day – the place will provide you with all-day entertainment. During the day you can learn how to kite surf or simply cure your hangover on the beach, watching this amazing picture:

Sea Dance

Few years ago one of the best European festivals EXIT Novi Sad got the younger sister festival in Montenegro – named Sea Dance. Just like Southern Soul, this three-day festival is placed on one of the longest Montenegrin beaches, this one called Jaz, in the city of Budva. Jaz was the first choice of Lonely planet’s when making the “Europe’s Best Beach” list in 2015.

Together the festivals make the so called EXIT experience, and I guess you couldn’t think of a better way to end the phenomenal reggae-electronic-rock week on beautiful Petrovaradin fortress, than moving to the seaside and closing with few more days of partying on the beach.

When it comes to music, suffice to say some of the names are the Jamiroquai, Prodigy, Roisin Muprhy, Lost Frequencies… Last summer popular British duo Hurts made a great show.

Lake fest

As you could have figured out by now, seaside is definitely the center of fun during the summer. But moving to the north of the country you still get to have some fun, especially if you are into rock music, beer and camping. In which case, the Lake fest, lake Krupac and Nikšić are the right place to visit during the summer months. The lineup names are mostly from the Balkans and, if interested, it is a great opportunity to check the sounds of rock scene from this region.

Plus, some big names visit the festival every year. This year we got to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Manu Chao La Ventura show.

The fest has a great free camping space, the favorite part of the fest for many visitors and the soul of the place.

To be mentioned that the official sponsor is the national brewery, so you cannot run out of beer.

Which festival would you like to attend?

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