The Best Modern Ukrainian Inventions Which Could Change The World

Many Ukrainian inventors are working every day on making this world better

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Ukraine – The world nowadays develops very quickly. Almost every week we hear about a new invention, new technology that is ready to change our lives and make it better. When you think about the main technologies that have recently been discovered what countries come to mind? Japan? Korea? America? Very few people think about Ukraine. But in Ukraine, just like in any other country, many inventors are working every day on making this world better.

In this article you will be able to read more about the main inventions that have recently been made by Ukrainian scientists and entrepreneurs.

An Exoskeleton by Anton Holovachenko

This young scientist from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is in the process of building and improving his new exoskeleton. In 2015 he was awarded the European Youth Award for his startup UniExo. He started the development of this invention two years ago when his grandmother had her arm paralyzed. He spent 10 months working on his idea to help his grandmother and now this invention can help lots of people in their rehabilitation process. The main advantages of this invention is the cheap cost and ease of use. It can be synchronized with a mobile phone app and all the expensive parts are printed on a 3D printer which significantly reduces the price.

New results in DNA research by Olga Brovarets

Olga Brovarets is the youngest doctor of Sciences in Ukraine. She is only 28 years old and she has already made a discovery that can help in finding a cure for cancer. Her research lies in the structure of DNA and the way of how incorrect pairs of molecules are formed. These pairs are the reason for cancer and until today their nature was remaining a mystery.

The reason of their appearance is still unknown. But Olga managed to calculate the regularity in which it happens. The scientists and the main cancer researchers have already noticed Olga and her discovery. Now the specialists are exchanging their information in order to bring better and quicker results in such an important issue as cancer treatment.

Dream catchers

Have you ever dreamt about being able to order the dream you want to see tonight? Or having control over your own dreaming which will allow you to do whatever you want knowing that you are completely safe because you are sleeping? Thanks to the late discovery of a team of Ukrainian inventors this might become a reality.

This invention called Luciding looks just like a headband which you put on before you go to sleep. When your brain starts to fall asleep the band sends an electric impulse into your brain which makes you aware of the fact that you are still sleeping. At the moment the creators of the dream catchers are looking for investors. The owner of the biggest Russian social media site called Vkontakte, Pavel Durov, and one of Google’s founders Jack Levin are already looking into the possibility of investing into it.

BeWarned free mobile app by Vitaly Potapchuk

Vitaly has created a free mobile app that allows deaf people and people with poor hearing to hear the sounds they couldn’t hear before. The Bewarned platform united four technical assistants: Sound Monitor, Connect, Emergency Call and Dance. Each assistant is responsible for a certain type of sound. One of them will recognise the dangerous sounds such as sirens, dogs barking or shouting and let the person know something is going on by flashing or vibrating. Connect assistant allows people to communicate by changing the text into speech and vice versa. Emergency Call will call the police or ambulance and will determine the person’s location even when the phone is offline. Dance will help the person to understand the music that he can’t hear by converting it into vibrations, light flashing and pulsation.

These were the main but not the only inventions of young Ukrainians. By cooperating with the scientists from other countries and finding good investors they may make our future easier, better and safer. Hopefully one of the inventions will become one of those things that everybody will be learning about at schools half a century after.

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