Poland To Finally Launch Its Own Space Programme

Dream of space hussaria might be closer than ever

janjf93 (CC0), Pixabay

Poland – Do you remember the popular internet memes “Poland cannot into space”? It is a joke how Poland always attempts to go into space but in some way something always goes wrong preventing the desired goal of Hussars in space. No more they said in the Polish ministry of development that is planning to launch a Polish space programme, with a first satellite launched into orbit the Puls Biznesu daily has reported.

Poland wants to increase its involvement in new technologies used in the space industry, according to the paper in worth of EUR 7.5 billion (PLN 32.5 billion) and which is growing roughly 4 percent a year, Puls Biznesu said.

Mateusz Morawiecki is the person responsible for the Polish space strategy program which is a part while Poland has been a member of the European Space Agency since 2012 and there are over 300 companies in the country willing to invest in space projects.

The paper added that while building the first Polish satellite is a distant goal, the state administration will see rapid benefits from the country’s engagement in space technology, with improved access to satellite data.

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