Top 5 Medieval Castles in Slovakia that have spooky legends hiding in them

Garlic will help you when visiting these dark castles, who knows what’s inside?

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Slovakia – is a country with turbulent history and those who are fond of mysteries and legends should not hesitate to visit and explore its numerous interesting sites. If you fancy nice and old-fashioned ghost stories, you´ll definitely fall in love with places mentioned in the following list. This is the ultimate list of spookiest Slovak castles!

Hold your pants, there might be a Dracula popping out of these pictures, but he can’t harm you while you are reading Slavorum in safety of your own home. Lets see what scary castles Slovakia has to offer here:

1. Likava Castle

First written evidence about this castle in the region of Lower Liptov, dates back to the early 12th century. Its original purpose was to guard surrounding region from potential enemies, but later it also served as an accommodation for troopers – and an infamously cruel prison!  There are many legends about its more and less known prisoners – allegedly even legendary Slovak bandit Juraj Jánošík served his time here! Many of prisoners never left this place being executed right on the spot. Perfect place for ghost hunting, don´t you think? Visit the ruins of Likava at midnight and you´ll get a chance to meet headless valet who was once executed here. The legend states he keeps guarding his master´s treasure here out of endless loyalty.

2. Liptov Castle

Not far away from Likava lies another castle with terrifying secret – old Liptov Castle. Its ruins are almost entirely covered by vegetation and being situated in the height of 999 meters above the sea level, it looks like a perfect campsite for romantic hiking getaway. Just beware you might find yourself with rather unpleasant company at night – locals swear there is a horrendous swine wandering around at night with a golden key stuck in its mouth! Believe it or not, this beast once used to be gorgeous daughter of castle´s master. Her father cursed her because she betrayed him – she gave key from the castle´s gate to his worst enemy whom she foolishly fell in love with. Legend says you might release her from her eternal punishment – if you only dare to take the key out of her mouth!

3. Korlátka Castle

If chasing after ghost isn´t your cup of tea, try your luck on one of many undiscovered Slovak treasures. Legend states it´s hidden in an old well at Korlátka Castle near Slovak border with Czech Republic. This castle is among the oldest on Slovak territory and it changed owners many times. Who and why left his wealth here is unclear, but instructions for those who dare to search it are pretty detailed. Come during the Saint John´s night (June 23) with walking-fern flower in your hand and repeatedly pray Lord´s prayer backwards. We advice you to train it really well as a single mistake might result in being lost forever in dungeons beneath the castle! Who knows how many adventurous souls already haunt in there…?

4. Bojnice Castle

One of the prettiest, most visited and most preserved Slovak castles stands in Bojnice city. Its picturesque beauty will remind you of fairytales – yet this place has some stories that would suit horror genre much better. Among the most visited attractions in the castle is sarcophagus of its most famous owner, earl Pálffy. Just few years ago it began leaking terrifying black fluid right from where the body was supposed to be! Rumors began to spread that it´s the earl crying for beautiful altar that was removed from the castle and transported to Prague. Even thought scientists have their own explanation for this mystery, fact is that soon after the altar was returned to castle, black tears suddenly stopped leaking from the sarcophagus…

5. Čachtice Castle

Alžbeta Bathory was wealthy and powerful woman. Yet, as many women do, she couldn´t stand inevitable process of getting old. She was ready to do anything to preserve her youth and beauty – even kill hundreds of maidens and bath in their blood! This cruelty made her famous all around the world, often being nicknamed “Female Dracula”. She was also sentenced to serve life in home imprisonment for it. Thought she owned many castles, it was the one in Čachtice where she committed most of her bloody deeds and it also became her cell. She died here being 54 years old. As there is no official grave for her and locals were scared of this evil woman even after her death, Alžbeta´s remains might be still somewhere in the castle –most probably walled!

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