Top Drone Videography Spots in Serbia

This is where to fly your drone in Serbia

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We all know how the commercial drone technology has evolved and how in the last few years more and more people have camera-equipped drones. Even though there are many that claim this isn’t a good thing because of privacy invading, there are even more of those who are not even the least interested in spying on their neighbors but are thrilled that now they can take pictures from a completely new perspective, especially photographers. So, if you are among them, and planning on visiting Serbia in the future, here are the top spots for drone photography that will offer you a bunch of once in a lifetime shots!

Canyon of the River Uvac

We will start off with the big guns! Not real guns, of course, but one of Serbia’s most famous national parks, the Special Nature Reserve Uvac. Uvac is a curvy river that goes between mountains Zlatibor and Zlatar, and is the home of the Griffon vulture, so if you get lucky, you might get him in the shot as well. But, you better be quick on the sticks because the big bird might consider your drone as a snack!

Golubac Fortress

The Golubac Castle or Golubac, is a medieval fortress, a Serbian cultural monument of exceptional significance. It is located in the National Park Djerdap, on the right bank of the Danube, 4 km downstream of today’s settlement. It is located on high cliffs, at the place where the river narrows, at the very entrance to the Djerdap Gorge. Just imagine how awesome would aerial images look! Also, it would be great for drone videos as well. Slow pans and flyby’s, ideal for a dramatic video, medieval style.

Studenica Monastery

Studenica Monastery is one of the largest and richest monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church and it was founded by King Stefan Nemanja in 1190. It is located in westerns Serbia, some 60 kilometers from the city of Kraljevo. It belongs to the Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Serbian Orthodox Church and presents an immovable cultural asset as a cultural monument of exceptional significance. Also, UNESCO included Studenica in the World Heritage List in 1986.

The fortified walls of the monastery are surrounded by four churches: the Virgin Church and the Royal Church (the church of St. Joakim and Ana), both built of marble, the church of Nikolaj (St. Nicholas Church) and another church, preserved in the foundations. Of course, you can’t get shots of the frescoes with the drone, but the outside of the monastery with the churches will look amazing from the air.

Babin Zub Mountain Peak

Fan of extreme winter sports? This is an ideal drone photography spot for you. You can enjoy a snowboard ride down the mountain, while your drone is set to auto-follow. Plus, you can get amazing scenery images and videos from the surrounding mountains and peaks.

Babin Zub (Grandma’s Tooth) is one of the peaks on Stara Planina (Old mountain) near Knjazevac and is located at an altitude of 1550 m. Nearby there is the eponymous mountain peak at 1758 m. above sea level, from where the climb starts to the Midzor, which is one of the highest mountain peaks in Serbia. Several ski slopes have been built, and Babin Zub has a mountain lodge and hotels so that you can turn your drone photography quest into a relaxing mountain weekend filled with various activities.

Petrovaradin Fortress

During the summer, this old fortress that is located on the bank of river Dunav, in the city of Novi Sad. The foundation stone was laid by the Austrian prince Kroj. The construction of the fortress, according to the French military architect Sebastian Voban, lasted for 88 years, until 1780. The construction was led by Austrian military architects. The fort is built on 122 hectares, at an elevation dominated by the environment. She was unconquerable for the wartime technique, and at that time she was named Gibraltar on the Danube. As a solely military facility, the Petrovaradin Fortress served until 1948. Under the protection of the state was put in 1951, since it represents a cultural and tourist object. Now, this is the main party even during the summer as it hosts the internationally famous music festival EXIT. So, if you want to get some amazing shots, we recommend visiting it during the festival!

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