Ukrainian Cuisine Tastes Pretty Good And These Meals You Need To Try

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Cooking is one of the oldest arts in the world. In the cuisine of each nationality, can be found their reflection of special, only inherent tastes. Ukrainian dishes are an integral part of their culture, traditions and various rituals of the people. Also, it is Ukrainian national cuisine considered to be one of the most diverse and exciting in the world.

Ukrainians were always famous for their hospitality, for this reason, there is one significant event, whether it was the birth of a child, a wedding, a funeral, a harvest, or New Year’s holidays, it could not exist without food for unique dishes. Such dishes, which were prepared by the housewives for a particular event, subsequently began to bear the name of the so-called ritual dishes. These include Uzvar, Kutya, Borsch and much more.

It did not go without a treat and meeting the dear guests. Each hostess, had, and now has her unique recipes, but if you speak about traditional, exclusively Ukrainian cuisine, then the crown place in the list of dishes goes to borsch. No wonder, among our grandfathers, such a proverb came: “when there is no borsch in the house, then there is no food at all.” Borsch is one of the most popular dishes. In Ukraine, there were three varieties of borscht. The first, red, the most beloved, was prepared with cabbage, beets, carrots, parsley, and later – with potatoes. On a holiday or Sunday, borsch was cooked on a meat soup (with pork or poultry), on an everyday basis – tucked or baked with lard with garlic and onion. Red borsch used widely not only as a daily dinner, but also for Christmas, wedding, baptism, and mourning.

Meals made from flour always were loved by Ukrainians. And this is not just a variety of bread, but also bumblebees, pancakes, potatoes, buckwheat, and many other delicious dough products.
Bread is the most distinctive, most popular, most significant attribute of Slavic food. Baking was always consumed a lot, because the nutrition as a whole was low in calories. The bread was eaten with liquid meals, and potatoes, and even porridge. In summer, Ukrainians ate fresh cucumbers, fruits, and berries with a slice of tasty bread. But the favorite daily, festive and ritualized bread in Ukraine was made on a solution, leavening. They produced leaven, then a mixture that was stirred more than once. Ukrainians baked it in a well-fired oven, placing the cabbage leaves on the loaves, and they did it once a week, hoping that the portion would be enough till the new baking.

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It is impossible not to mention about the vareniki (dumplings). Lush, delicious, with potatoes, cabbage or mushrooms, boiled with fragrant bacon, or roasted golden onions … This is a miracle! Not just that, vareniki are mentioned by writers in many literary works! They are one of the most popular dishes of cooked dough with filling. As a stuffing, cheese, fried cabbage, boiled, peeled potatoes, poppy seeds, cranberries, cherries and other berries, apples, cooked and peeled dried fruits, boiled beans, peas puree, millet or buckwheat porridge and even flour, were used. In the daily menu of the Ukrainian peasant, vareniki were rarely met, they were a decoration of the Sunday and festive table.

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Deruni (potato pancakes) enjoyed enormous popularity in the folk cuisine, especially in the northern regions of Ukraine. Ukrainians ate this tasty and healthy meal for breakfast or dinner, most often – on Sunday. Nowadays deruni are also a favorite daily meal!

Salo (a white pork fat) has always been considered as one of the most popular symbols of Ukraine. Indeed, Ukrainians are very fond of it, and because of this, they preserve the ancient recipes and technologies of cooking this product that is passed from generation to generation. Also, the fact that a product tastier than the Ukrainian salo – you will not find recognized the whole world!

Ukrainian dishes are mostly simple, unpretentious, but delicious, creamy and aromatic. What is the secret here? I believe, that it is love that every Ukrainian mistress in the age-old puts into the food at the time of cooking!

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