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Serbia represents a crossroads for many civilizations. Through Serbia passed many conquerors, emperors, leaders, wealthy merchants. Some of the most famous Roman emperors were born in Serbia like Constantine the Great, Aurelian, Maximian, Constantius. Many archaeological sites can prove that a lot of history was created in borders of Serbia today. Via militaris was crossing through Serbia, which was a link between East and West. Roman legions passed this way and it is believed they hid treasure near this rout. All around the world legends of hidden treasure exist and they also didn’t miss Serbia.

Serbia is famous for metal detecting and one of few countries with most metal detectors. Hunters for treasure are assured that wealthy people was forced to hide their treasure because of difficulties of carrying it with themselves. They were intending to return for them, so they made treasure maps.

One of those who left incredible treasure was the priest Martin Himović. According to legend, Martin is originally from Dubrovnik and he served as a priest somewhere in southeastern Serbia in the 18th century. He lived peaceful life with his wife, who was widely known for beauty. One day the Turks kidnapped his wife. Then Martin become a hajduk which is Serbian  hero figure who steals from foreign authorities and fight with them. Soon after he became a chieftain of his group. Legends said that a lot of Turkish caravans were his target. Martin hid Turkish treasure and left treasure maps for it. Some claims that they have original maps of 62 places where the treasure was hidden.

Smuk cave

The most famous places among treasures hunters is Smuk cave (smuk means aesculapian snake). It is named after a great mechanism in a shape of aesculapian snake which was made to kill anyone who doesn’t know the right way to enter there. It is located somewhere on the Stara planina (Old mountain) bellow Three Chukas, according to Martin’s treasure maps.

yzantine church

The theory of an underground church full of treasure is very popular and famous throughout the Balkan Peninsula. On the hill Gradiste nearby Nis, people for centuries trying to find an old underground Byzantine church with treasure. As we know no one has managed to find it. Everyone knows the exact location, but it’s a mystery where the underground church is exactly. Note from Martin’s papers said: Enter the watermill and you’ll find a horse’s head. You’ll see seven words on it. Read them. Go back and look for a tablet with three crosses and under a stone. Open it in seven minutes and enter a warehouse with 12 rooms full of a treasure. There is a golden church too.

Lazar’s cave

It is still discussed where this cave is located, because there are several caves in eastern Serbia named after Lazar. According to the legend, Lazar was hajduk. He put all treasure stolen from Turks into the cave in Girl’s room and enclosed it with stones.

Oak tree

Under attack of treasure hunters are the centuries-old oak trees, which are considered to be sacred trees. Because of its longevity and the fact that many of them are dated back to the Ottoman era, treasure hunters think that they are places where treasure can be found.


To find treasure, you can use metal detector, but the most valuable treasure detector is laserwort (Serbian: raskovnik) according to tradition. Laserwort is a plant which blooms from June to August. Its root is used in magic. It looks like human body, so it can be a male or female. It is believed that laserwort can find hidden treasure and open all the doors. If you want to have it, make a little trap. Find little babies of hedgehog, lock them and wait. Mommy hedgehog will appear carrying a laserwort in her mouth. After she unlock her children, grab a plant from her and hope that she brought you a male laserwort. Then go to some cave or other places where is believed the treasure was hidden and wait for a magic. Female plant is protecting treasure, but when she feels male laserwort nearby, she can’t resist him. She’ll open all the doors, break all the walls to be with lover. Their passion will last about twenty minutes, so be ready to act fast. Grab your treasure and live happily!

If you wanna be like Indiana Jones, solve this puzzle.

Near watermill there is a field with three elms. Turkish three graves are across. There is also a stone big as a half of a haystack. Climb there. You would see: table with seven breads, seven spoons, one big spoon, catfish, one and a half of fish, a trout, a knife, milk which hangs, a roe deer, a grave. Next to the grave there is stone with hand and under it treasure.

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